Make Your Play for the Dragon Shard

Source: Storm Craft Studios

Transport yourself to a world where dragons soar through the sky and the Fire Queen and Ice King battle for control of the fabled Dragon Shard. The warrior who holds this powerful relic will have the ability to control the elements and bend them to their whim, giving them control over the realm. Throw yourself into the adventure and clash your way through the battle for power, putting your strategy, luck and smarts to the test in hopes of taking home the ultimate treasure.

Dragon Shard takes the popular Win BoosterTM feature from the Fortunium engine and expands it with a host of new functionalities, bringing this vital tale to life. Feast your eyes on eye-catching graphics and let the ultra-fun soundtrack provide the score to an epic adventure that sees you tackle the toughest online slots to get your hands on the Dragon Shard. Storm Craft Studios are expected to release the game on the 29th of May 2019, so mark your calendar for the start of a heart-pumping, pulse-pounding new adventure.

A Prize Worth Fighting For

Legend has it that the Dragon Shard grants its bearer unlimited power over the elements. It’s no wonder, then, that the Fire Queen and Ice King have long sought its power, waging war against each other to ensure they find it first. With it, anyone would have the power to rule the kingdom and reap its many treasures for themselves.

The Dragon Shard is not the only prize that awaits a brave adventurer though. The valiant and victorious can reap a jackpot up to 160,000.00, though you’ll need courage and valour to take the top winnings. A default bet is 1.60 and can be worth as much as 1,280.00 if you play your cards right, so you can play it safe and still reap fantastic rewards or risk it all for the chance to conquer. Strategy is key but your venture will be well rewarded if you hold your nerve.

How to Obtain the Dragon Shard

Dragon Shard is a five-reel online slots game with forty fixed paylines running from left to right. The reels depict everything from the Fire Queen and Ice King to elemental dragons and the Dragon Shard itself and can be matched up to acquire big winnings for the strategic player. The ultimate goal is the jackpot and the dragon shard, but that’s no mean feat with dragons raiding the battlefield and the king and queen out to keep the artefact for themselves!

Emerging victorious needn’t be a hassle though, thanks to the game’s unique Win BoosterTM feature. Once activated, the Win BoosterTM allows the paylines to run from right to left, as well as the typical left to right, doubling your chance of a major pay-out. It also increases the total bet, which can help you to rack up your winnings on the quest to obtain the Dragon Shard.

The Mystery of the Dragon Shard

Many mysteries surround the tales of the Dragon Shard, but the mystery symbols are the most intriguing. These hide a randomly generated low, high or wild symbol, adding an element of excitement to each choice. Select wisely – could you be choosing exactly the symbol you need to complete your winning reel?

When the Win BoosterTM feature is enabled, mystery symbols will always be wilds or high symbols, which further improves your odds of striking the jackpot!

Increase Your Spree and Play for Free

The lucky player who scores three scatters or more on the reels will be awarded ten free spins, allowing you to rack up further winnings without parting with a penny of your well-earned cash. The chance to play without any consequences lets you refine your strategy, bolster your pot or simply practice and improve your skills at the game.

Even better, when you win a free spin, you’ll also be rewarded by the appearance of a Mystery Reel™; these special options can be opened to reveal a mystery symbol, giving you the chance to snag a randomly generated low, high or wild symbol that can help you win a combo or add money to your purse. The more scatters you find, the more Mystery Reels™ will be available. Finding three scatters adds a single Mystery Reel™ and the chance to find one symbol. Uncover four scatters and you’ll receive two Mystery Reels™ and two mystery symbols as a result. Finally, if you’re fortunate enough to discover five scatters, three Mystery Reels™ will be triggered, with three mystery symbols to bolster your combo potential.

Who knows? It might just be the symbol you need for a clean sweep and a shot at the jackpot.

Join the Battle

The quest for the Dragon Shard awaits you. Log in or create an account, then set off on your journey to harness the limitless power of the elements.

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