Mobile Casinos for Hire

Creating a real atmosphere

Event organisers are giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘mobile casino’. For most players, the term refers to an online casino compatible with smartphones and tablets, but these casinos have little to do with Android or iOS.

Mobile casino parties are becoming all the rage, and the most glamorous way of hosting them is to let professional organisers and dealers do all the work. The catch is, it is not real gambling.

Yes, the games that are played are the great classics of the casino world. Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and other games are available, and they are played with real gaming equipment, such as cards, wheels, chips, and dice. The only difference between playing games at a casino party versus playing at an online or land based venue is that, at the party, you do not play for real money – so how does it all work?

A Casino For Your Event

Event organisers who offer mobile casinos for hire can tailor their offerings according to the events their clients have in mind. For example, they can be used for corporate functions, wedding receptions, special birthdays, and charity fundraisers.

Clients usually have the option of choosing a specific theme, such as an awards night, Hollywood, Las Vegas, or even James Bond. They can also communicate with the organisers, and create the event of their dreams. Whatever route the client takes, the team will arrive early enough on the day to ensure the tables are set up properly, the dealers are dressed to the nines and at their stations, and that the whole event runs without a hitch.

Reputable organisers keep the standard professional. The gambling is not real, but the equipment certainly is. The tables are custom-made using mahogany, baize, and suede arm pads. The money used at the tables, however, has as much value as Monopoly money.

Mobile Casinos Big and Small

With an array of options to suit budgets of various shapes and sizes, mobile casinos for hire can be as big or as small as you want them to be. You can limit the party to a simple 2 tables featuring Blackjack and Roulette or Craps, or you can go big.

If you have the budget for it, your casino event can also include a range of tables, professional DJs and music, the afore-mentioned showgirls, a money booth, decorations and table centrepieces, photography, customisable chips and gaming money, and even an artist to draw caricatures of your guests.

The dealers also look the part. Professionally trained and experienced, they add a touch of class by keeping their attire formal.

Popular Casino Games

The emphasis of the mobile casinos for hire is placed firmly on table games and card games. As popular as slots are, they lack the social nature of other games.

This means the games on offer are the same games you will see run by dealers in an offline casino. The most popular of them are Blackjack, a card game also known as 21, as well as Roulette, Texas Hold’em and Casino Stud Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Baccarat, Bingo, and Craps. Some casino party organisers even offer lesser-known games such as Chuck a Luck.

Is It Legal?

Some players may balk at the idea of having casino tables in their living room, even if only for a few hours. At first glance, it can all seem illegal. However, because no real money is changing hands, no real gambling is taking place – which makes it is all quite legal.

In fact, it is legal enough for children to be able to join in the fun, if mum and dad will let them, that is. All this begs the question of prizes – after all, why play those classic games if there is nothing to be won?

This is where the hosts of the event come in. They can either keep it completely social and let guests enjoy the fun of the games for their own sake, or they can arrange for the event organisers to do prize giveaways. Either way, the fun of the casino is no longer limited to Vegas or Monte Carlo, or to computers, or mobile screens.

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