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Incredible Online Blackjack at JackpotCity!

Blackjack is one of the world's most popular casino games. In this adrenalin pumping game, also known as 21, a great variety of styles can be played. They're all to be found at JackpotCity Online Casino. Playing blackjack online offers a unique form of entertainment, too. It also one of the few casino games where players can influence the outcome of the original bet in the long run. Blackjack can also be enjoyed live with our live casino.

Players will need to ensure they have a stronger hand than the dealer to beat the house. In blackjack, how to play well involves using different strategies and tips that can help you play a stronger hand, one that contains a score of 17 or higher. Any good online blackjack game, like those at JackpotCity, will mean being able to deploy a strategy so that a player can maximise their chances of the biggest winning opportunities.

Generally speaking, strategies for blackjack work the same online as they do in person. Card counters may try to gain an advantage by betting big when the deck suggests it is wise to do so. That said, this only tends to help with single deck blackjack where card counting is more predictable. Besides, this method is hard to learn. As blackjack is an easy game to learn but hard to master, a more basic strategy will be appropriate. With blackjack, how to play well frequently means adopting a simple strategy that will dramatically improve your hand. Read our FAQs and apply what you learn about blackjack basic strategy. Online blackjack also uses its own terminology. Therefore, players visiting the JackpotCity Online Casino in New Zealand should familiarise themselves with the language used so that they know when to Hit, Stand or Bust!

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Blackjack and Blackjack Strategy FAQ

How Do You Play Blackjack?

The one blackjack rule to remember is to try and not exceed a score of 21. This means, if you have a hand with 12 or more in it, you could always go bust if you were to hit. That said, hands with 12 in rarely win games. Decide the score you are prepared to hit with and when you will stand before the game. Many players choose to stand with a hand of 17 or higher, but this is not the 'right' or 'wrong' way to play. It depends on your preferences. Furthermore, remember that aces can score as 1 or 11. Therefore, if you have a soft 17 – a blackjack term that means an ace and a six – you can still hit and be sure of not going bust. This is because the two cards can also add up to 7 if you want. The same goes for soft 18, soft 19 and so on. Another blackjack rule to bear in mind is that if your hand's score equals the dealer's, then the dealer will win. This is where the house gets its edge, of course. Consequently, you might even lose with a hand of 21. As such, standing on even a poor score will make sense if other players at the same table look like they might have good ones. If the dealer's upturned card is a middle-ranking one, such as a six or a seven, then it may be they'll think their hand will be too weak without a further card. The dealer may feel pressured into drawing another one under such circumstances. In turn, they may go bust, and your bet will be a winning one regardless of the score in your hand.

Does JackpotCity Offer Live Blackjack?

Yes, JackpotCity's Live Casino features several types of blackjack games like Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, Big Five Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, American Blackjack and more. Live games are played against a real dealer in real-time. When the dealer hits, the action is streamed directly to your device. The online casino homepage offers more information on the Live Casino and its benefits, including the most popular live blackjack games.

Can I Play Blackjack online at JackpotCity for Free?

Yes, our online blackjack games are available in free play mode as well as for real money. This means they can be enjoyed by players without making a deposit, for both practice and fun!

What Is the Trick to Blackjack?

There is no trick to blackjack. You always win no matter what you have in your hand if the dealer busted over 21. So, standing with even a very low score might work out. That said, given that the likeliest outcome of hitting will be an additional score of 10, hitting when your initial two cards score 11 or fewer always makes sense. Even if you draw an ace, you can count it as one closer to the target of 21. Statistically, standing on a total of 17 makes sense, too, regardless of the number of decks being used. Nevertheless, if you feel lucky, you can always press on.

Can Online Blackjack Be Profitable?

Yes, it can. Although many people who play the game do so for pleasure only, it is possible to turn a profit. That said, it is important to only gamble what you can afford to lose. Set limits and stick to them.

Are Blackjack Side Bets worth it?

Side bets can be worth it, especially for a multi-layered playing experience. Also known as an insurance bet, they are offered by many blackjack online game variants. It involves betting that the dealer will beat your hand. It is offered when the dealer has an ace showing after the initial deal. You can use the side bet to insure yourself against the likelihood that the dealer will score an unbeatable 21. A dealer with an upturned ace and a face down two – otherwise known as a soft 13 – could be easier to beat. The same could be said for a soft 18, which consists of an ace and seven. You might never employ an insurance bet as a part of your basic strategy ever, it is entirely up to you.
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Are different online Blackjack variations offered at JackpotCity?

JackpotCity online casino brings players a variety of thrilling, action-packed online casino games such as baccarat, keno, crap, roulette and so much more. Players can choose between games with different house edges and player advantages. Some of the incredible gaming action on offer includes Downtown Vegas blackjack, European blackjack and Atlantic City blackjack. All of these games can potentially be incredibly lucrative when played for real money. Try them out without even making a deposit!

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