What Mobile Device is Best for Gaming?

Mobile casino gaming is very popular. The fact that you can play the games on a variety of different portable devices has played a large role in its growth in popularity.

Two of the most common devices people use for their mobile casino action are tablets and smartphones.

Even though they have different names, the devices are quite similar.

This is both in device design as well as technical specifications and software. There are pros and cons for each device so let’s see which device is best for mobile gaming.

The User Interface

With the design of these devices, smartphone gaming tends to be easier if you are using one hand.

The smaller screen really lends itself to one-handed play so slot games are often perfect for smartphones.

Tablets on the other hand lend themselves more to table games since the larger screen gives you a nice display of the table, cards and placed wagers.

A Great Game Selection

Both the tablet and smartphone have the same access to the fantastic game selection here at JackpotCity. Technically the two devices are generally speaking very similar.

They also feature similar operating systems more often than not, although tablets tend to run on Android more often than not.

You will get table games like poker, as well as slot games and other casino games on both devices.

**The Main Differences **

The biggest difference in gaming on these two platforms is that the tablet screen is much larger than most smartphones.

This means that you will have a much more comfortable gaming experience on a tablet. Another big difference is that you can make calls on a smartphone.

This means that you won’t be able to call customer support if you have any issues on your tablet. You can of course still email or instant message support.

The Smartphone is also much more portable than the tablet, which is the trade off in the different screen sizes. A smartphone will fit in your pocket much easier.

The Winner

So which device wins? It all comes down to personal preference.

For me the tablet is better for table games and smartphones are perfect for slots, so it comes down to which games you play more often.

Both devices offer real money wagering, are quite portable and they offer smooth and convenient play. Additionally, both devices are a great way to take part in mobile gaming action and offer an exceptional entertainment experience anywhere, anytime!

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