The Evolution of Online Casinos to Mobile

The evolution of online slots machine games is one of the main factors behind the rise in popularity of mobile gambling, and the popularity of these at JackpotCity can simply not be underestimated or overstated.

Although mobile casinos are no longer a novelty, you can rest assured that their on going popularity is not set to lessen anytime soon. On the contrary, taking part in the kind of real money mobile fun that JackpotCity is able to offer is where online gambling is headed, and it is not difficult to see why: these days, convenience is the watchword, and it simply doesn’t get any more expedient than relaxing wherever you are with your mobile device at the ready, tapping the button and raking in the big buck bankroll with a couple of swipes of your finger!

The History of Mobile Casinos

The real money entertainment that JackpotCity is able to provide you access to by means of your smartphone or tablet device these days, looks very different than what it once was. They used to be colourless, with play offered in only black and white, and these WAP games required you to download them onto your device, in the same manner, as you would have done with wallpapers and ringtones.

The worst part of the games was that, unlike the games provided for today, no real money rewards were possible, and you had to make do with playing simply for the fun of the game. While the games certainly are rewarding, and enjoyable in the extreme, the absence of any real reward for successfully navigating them was disappointing.

Real Money Rewards 

The online gambling industry blossomed with the arrival of 3G: this being a mobile communications standard that makes it possible for smartphones; computers; and different electronic devices like tablets to access the internet wirelessly. This revolution was begun in around 2007/2008, with Android and iPhone smartphones making this kind of connection possible, and today, thanks to the massive developments in the software scene that mobile technology has enjoyed, you are able to enjoy slots and other games running seamlessly on most smartphones and tablets in use daily.

The World of Mobile Gambling Today

Today’s players will be able to make a choice between devices on which to enjoy the casino games they want to spend some time with by either signing up for a mobile casino account like the one offered here at JackpotCity or downloading online casinos’ specialised applications. These days the choice is an incredibly wide one, as well, and you can enjoy the very best of what is available from wherever you happen to be: simply get your smartphone or tablet out of your pocket; briefcase or handbag and get ready to start boosting your bankroll as you please!

Extra Features for Mobile Games 

In the evolution of online casinos to those that allow for mobile enjoyment, there were points in time that players had to make do with far less than is currently available. Not too long ago, the slots games provided for mobile players were very limited, especially in terms of being able to offer you special features and changing offers. Since then some of the biggest and best game developers, like Microgaming, and online casinos like JackpotCity, have focussed on the improvement of these, and, thanks to these efforts, the boundaries between the desktop and mobile versions of many games are getting increasingly blurred, and, in some cases, being erased completely. Probably the best example of this evolution is the world of free spins: once upon a time, you being able to enjoy free spins offers on your mobile slots game was almost unimaginable. Today, it is the absolute norm.

Winning Big on Your Internet-Ready Device

Whoever said that you can’t make the big money win on your smartphone or tablet device should check out what is available here at JackpotCity mobile casino: our games are able to offer you the chance to change your life with a simple spin, or lucky break at the table. There is absolutely no reason for you to hesitate when it comes to enjoying real money entertainment on your mobile device, and it is highly recommended that you enjoy convenient, safe play whenever you like.

The mobile games we have available for you at JackpotCity online casino can be installed on a variety of different devices, and players from all around the world are taking advantage of the real money fun every second of every day. Because the games are loaded directly onto the device, you are able to access them as you please, and this method of enjoying many different real money games is the first choice of most players these days.

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