Weirdest Real Casino Online Superstitions

Traditional symbols of luck
Source: PxFuel

What if I told you that you cannot cry when mermaids steal your family member because they will never come back? You would probably respond that I am a little loopy and maybe you should make an appointment with a therapist nearby.

But what if you were to say that before visiting a casino online you should kiss the foot of a lucky rabbit’s foot, which would lead to more happiness?

Why, you would probably just shrug and call me superstitious...

Yes, the characteristics of superstition are parallel to those of madness, but in the case of superstition the strange behaviour is accepted. On the other hand, strange ritual behaviour in connection with casino games is not exactly new. The beliefs go far back in history and exist about as long as gambling itself.

Today the only difference is that the strangeness has been transferred to the digital world, and those who visit an online casino in Canada may well have one form or another of peculiarity.

The Lucky Pants Anomaly

Let me make this clear: Are you planning to visit a casino online and you are not wearing your lucky underwear? Are you insane? Do you not know that the Luck Demon will beat you because you are not wearing the right clothes?

Of course, everyone knows that casino games prefer certain clothes, and those who clearly deny this simply do not take things seriously. Or, to be more precise, the superstition about lucky clothes is as old as time itself.

From lucky pants and lucky hat to lucky jewellery and underwear, seemingly every piece of clothing can be given magical powers.

It is not clear how many people buy into such things at an online casino in Canada isn’t clear. But don’t be surprised if a friend or family member turns out to be pulling a particular sweater suspiciously before spinning the reels.

Lucky or unlucky 13 superstition
Source: PxFuel

Charming Shenanigans

Superstition goes far beyond garments. Apparently, a casino online will also respond to a variety of other factors, including charms or even specific behaviour. Similar to enchanted underwear, small pieces of jewellery are also magical and enchant the demon of fortune to share some of its treasures. A rabbit foot is a classic, but just about anything can have equally powerful magic.

But wait, what if it turns out that the Luck Demon was also deeply pleased by a certain behaviour? What behaviour? It's not for him to tell you; you have to figure it out!

Blowing on dice seems to tickle his fancy, as does crossing your fingers. It also seems as if he prefers it if you sit while playing, or was it standing? No, that's not confusing, try them all, just to make sure you don't want to annoy him!

Fortunately, it is much less embarrassing to try all of the above in a casino online. Imagine sitting down quickly and standing up between each spin of the reels at a land-based venue.

Avoid Or Pay The Price

Wait a second, are you telling me that there are also certain things that annoy the Luck Demon? This is getting complicated. Yes, along with lucky superstitions, there are also unlucky faux pas that must be avoided at all costs.

As most people already know, obtaining certain numbers is nothing less than a death sentence in gambling, with 13 and 4 being the biggest culprits. If you get one of these two during a hand, you'd better start by crossing your fingers really hard to reverse the negative juju. Again, much less embarrassing at a casino online.

You’ll also want to avoid crossing your legs, whistling, or lending any cash to other players. Heaven help you if your hands itch, which is apparently akin to carrying the gambling black plague. But don't worry, once again negativity can be nullified by a few counterproductive rituals of happiness. The Luck Demon is reasonable after all.

Just Dumb Fun

There are very few Canadians who take any of this seriously, and many will stick to some of the above nonsense, but more for a laugh than anything else. Any rational player knows that casino games are little more than a matter of probability, and nothing anyone does will subject the universe to their will.

But then it can be quite fun to play by certain rules when playing at a casino online. Why? Why not. Sometimes silly rituals can add a level of entertainment and make the act of gambling a mini-game in its own right.

As with any time you spend at a casino online, the trick is not to take things too seriously. Gambling is supposed to be entertaining so we don't forget, and the more entertainment you find, the better for everyone.

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