What is a Positive Progression Betting Strategy?

Anyone who is serious about getting better at casino games knows that betting strategies are absolutely essential. That is not to say there is anything objectively wrong about approaching a casino game just for fun, and making a few wild bets for the pure sake of the thrill. But if your intention is to get better at a game and win more frequently, it’s time to adopt a betting strategy.

The tricky thing about betting strategies is that there are a number of them, and each has a different approach to the art of betting. Some favour risky bets for improved reward, while others are focused on slow, methodical play and gradual profits. There is, of course, no one ultimate strategy that is considered to be the best; it is all just a matter of preference. What we will focus on now, however, is a betting strategy known as positive progression.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

All betting strategies factor in the fact that you are going to experience winning streaks and losing streaks. That is to say, casino game odds tend to balance out in periods of frequent winning, and periods of frequent losing. The positive progression betting system aims to take full advantage of winning streaks when they occur, and earn enough money to tough out the losing streak that will inevitably follow. So how does it work?

When a win occurs the positive progression system says that you should raise the bet. If another win follows, the bet should again be raised. If a loss occurs, however, the bet should be lowered by the previous amount it was raised. Hence, if wins are stacking up, so should the amount currently being bet. Losses should reduce the bet in anticipation of a possible losing streak. In this fashion players should never find themselves taking constant, heavy losses. The exact amount that bets should be lowered and raised is really up to you, but most betting guides will suggest appropriate amounts, based on how much money you are willing to spend.

Which Games Use Positive Progression

The positive progression system can really be used with all casino games, since the basis of the strategy is a simple one. It will work best, however, with games such as roulette and craps. In the case of using positive progression with roulette, a separate betting system will obviously be needed in order to decide where to place the bets in question.

Plus, roulette will benefit from different bet sizes on different bet choices. So although positive progression still applies, it may be different bet amounts being raised or lowered in different locations. Positive progression can be combined with a number of other strategy guides, as is appropriate. It is again always up to you to decide how exactly to implement chosen betting strategies.

Caution Is Essential

It is important to mention at this point that no betting guide is infallible, and certainly no betting guide will always produce consistently expected results. Casino games are based on chance, which means that what exactly is going to occur is always a mystery. If you are using the positive progression system and find that you are suffering massive losses, it is best to simply call it quits and try again another day.

Before starting a positive progression system, it is also always best to earn a small buffer in advance, which will help balance out the system. Hence, when starting play try and earn a moderate win, which will absorb any initial losses that may occur. The great thing about positive progression is that you will always start betting on the lowest amount, which should help avoid being instantly dragged down into the red. If your buffer amount is depleted and a winning streak does not seem to be developing, call it quits. It is never a good idea to be chasing losses in casino games.


Positive progression is one of many betting strategies and, as already been said, there are a number of them, and none perfect. Try out a betting strategy; see how it works, and then experiment with other strategies. When you begin to understand the real nuts and bolts of your favourite casino game, you will soon learn that you are well capable of creating your own betting strategy, perhaps combined from those you have tested and experimented with.

Always keep in mind, however, the number one rule of casino games; have fun. Enjoy playing your favourite games, get better at them, and always keep practicing. The ultimate key to improving games is always to be enjoying the journey. Betting strategies sure do help, however, as nothing makes a casino game more fun than walking away with your pockets loaded with a bit of extra cash.

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