How To Win Online Casino Games

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While it’s true that all online casino games are ‘games of chance’, it’s also true that a player’s statistical chance of winning still varies from game to game. One reason for this is that the ‘house edge’ - the statistical advantage each game offers to the casino operator – will vary according to which kind of game you choose to play. In fact, playing the same casino-based game under slightly different rules will almost certainly alter the house edge. In addition, the house edge built into slot games played in online casinos will vary from one title to another. With the exception of slots, the skill of the player and the gaming strategy employed will also have an impact upon the house edge.

House edge in online slots

You’ll need to determine the size and number of coins so your level of betting stays within your set budget, but it’s hard to say playing slots in Canada demands any special skill or knowledge. Once you have clicked on spin, as a player, you have no further influence on the outcome. So no matter what further gameplay decisions you make, they won’t have an impact upon your odds of winning. A typical video slot game will have an RTP (return to player) percentage in the region of 95% or a little above. As a result, most players can expect some kind of winning spin to turn up a few minutes into any gaming session.

Though the statistics say playing one game for a long period will, on average, leave you with a 5% deficit (100 – 95), players can still show a profit or loss on individual gaming sessions. An, in theory at least, it is still possible to win a jackpot on your very first spin.

The odds of winning in blackjack

One of the easiest online casino games to play, blackjack also offers you some of the best odds of winning. This feature no doubt goes a long way to explain its enduring popularity with gamblers in Canada. Another bonus is that you always play against the dealer, not against other players. That means, for instance, you won’t have to worry that your card games might pitch you against some professional gambler. In most circumstances, the casino is reckoned to have an edge of around 1%. However, that estimate assumes you are an average player deploying a basic blackjack strategy.

Many studies and computer simulations have helped to devise a basic blackjack strategy, and provided this is observed to the letter, a reasonably efficient player can reduce the house advantage to an average of about 0.5%. Even so, a novice player or someone careless enough to ignore strategic guidelines may find the house edge rising to something more like 2-3%. Meanwhile, those with optimum skill and experience may fare very well indeed.

The house edge in baccarat

Unlike casino table games like blackjack and poker, baccarat is one game where it’s not possible to influence the game outcome by using a certain strategy. So baccarat remains a game where luck plays the biggest part, and that’s perhaps what so often makes it the game of choice for many of the jet-set. Because the result cannot be predicted, players feel much more free to follow their instincts and enjoy the ups and downs of the gameplay. Casinos frequently supply scorecards so players can record banker, player or tie wins after every round. Though experts dismiss their statistical relevance, these scorecards make it possible to discern trends and patterns. But one strategy all experts do advise is, whenever there’s a doubt, you should bet on the banker. Given the odds and the slight numerical advantage, this is always the safest option.

A winning strategy for craps

If craps can seem a complicated game, at least it has one of the lowest house advantages of any casino table game. For inexperienced players, it’s best to progress in simple steps, and the ‘pass’ or ‘don’t pass’ bet should be your first target. Experts believe that betting on the ‘don’t pass’ line is the best strategy, provided you then back up the move by laying the odds. Over the longer term, this will bring you a better edge, even though it may seem counter-intuitive to some more experienced players.

A simple roulette strategy

For those players looking for wins, a simple ‘even money’ betting strategy should do the trick. While the odds will be very much on the low side, choosing to bet on odds and evens or red and black are straightforward binary options which can make roulette seem easy to play. In practical terms, these bets are the same as betting on the tossing of a coin. But it’s also easy to get carried away, with some gamblers winning (and losing) vast sums because they get lured into staking fortunes on this win/lose option. However, anyone considering depending on this strategy alone should take great care, and always keep within a predetermined budget limit.

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