What Are the World’s Favourite Table Games?

What Are the World’s Favourite Table Games?
Despite the overwhelming popularity of slots, table games still hold their ground in casinos around the world. In some countries, they even attract more players than slot machines do.

We had a look to see which table games get players excited. Blackjack topped the list, as was to be expected, but there were a few statistics by which even we were surprised.

The USA Loves Blackjack

According to market research, the good old USA loves blackjack, the card game also known as 21. Considering that more than 60 percent of respondent players prefer spinning the reels, the 19 per cent of them who play blackjack ensured it claimed the title of most popular table game.

You might be interested to know that 24 percent of young adults who visited casinos made blackjack their game of choice. As the favourite game of 8 percent of respondents, roulette came in second place.

Both the choice of 4 percent of respondents respectively, craps and poker tied in fourth place.

Germany Plays Roulette

Germany’s favourite table game has inspired legends about bargains with the devil. It is none other than roulette.

A Deutscher Spielbankenverband-commissioned YouGov survey found that roughly 60 per cent of players bet on the wheel when they visited casinos. The famous game is also popular in France.

Poker in South America

As in North America, blackjack is a firm favourite in South America. However, the continent also has a thriving poker scene, even in countries where it is not legal.

The card game’s popularity in countries where operators can offer it legally has even seen the rise of bodies such as Venezuela’s Poker Association. Such bodies not only promote awareness of the game but also administer it in their respective territories, clarify game rules, and host tournaments.

Macau is Known for Baccarat

Macau, the world’s emerging casino capital, is undoubtedly also the world’s baccarat capital. The card game between the Banker and Punters is by far the most popular table game in the autonomous southern Chinese territory.

Land-based and online live casinos around the world have copied the distinctive elements Macau introduced to the game. Among these elements are bean-shaped tables and a slow, suspense-filled card reveal known as the Squeeze.

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