Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ Game Guide

Lucrative additional side bet

Combinations with payouts of up to 200:1

Double Down allowed after Split

Maximize your promising hands.

Split any two 10-value cards

Create more opportunities to beat the dealer.

Play more hands at once

Five betting spots allow more action.

High hit rate, low volatility game

Wins come fairly often.

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ with JackpotCity

Come to JackpotCity Casino and jump into Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™, a Microgaming masterpiece that turns up the heat on the classic blackjack you know and love. Boasting a side bet that can spark payouts of up to 201x your bet, you’ll also have the luxury of playing up to five hands at once and splitting any 10-value cards. Whether you're chasing Blackjack, triple sevens, or totals from 19 to 21, here’s an entertaining take on the game of 21 that players in Canada will adore! Play on desktop or find Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ in our mobile casino.

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ Gameplay Rules

The player’s objective is to make a hand that is closer to the value of 21 than the dealer without going over that number. Each hand you play will be dealt two cards face up, while the dealer’s hand will get one card face up and one card face down.

Every card has a value that adds to the total of your hand. Numbered cards are worth their printed value, while face cards are worth ten. Aces are normally worth 11 but can also be worth one point if they would otherwise take a player’s hand over the total of 21. This is known as a soft hand because the Ace is flexible. A hand comprising an ace and any ten-point card is called Blackjack, which beats any dealer hand except blackjack, in which case your bet is returned.

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Playing Techniques for Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™

When it’s your turn to act, this game offers a wide range of playing techniques, which will depend on which blackjack Lucky Lucky strategy you choose to implement.

Lucky Lucky side bet: To win this side bet, the player’s first two cards combined with the dealer’s face-up card must create one of the Lucky Lucky winning hands. The player’s payout depends on which three-card combination they get, with each hand paying different blackjack Lucky Lucky odds.

  • Total of 19 = odds of 2:1
  • Total of 20 = odds of 2:1
  • Unsuited total of 21 = odds of 3:1
  • Suited total of 21 = odds of 15:1
  • Unsuited 6-7-8 = odds of 25:1
  • Unsuited 7-7-7 = odds of 50:1
  • Suited 6-7-8 = odds of 100:1
  • Suited 7-7-7 = odds of 200:1.

Doubling Down: Players can double down on their first two cards, which cost the same as their regular bet amount. If you choose to double down, the dealer draws another card, and your hand will stand.

Splitting: Split two cards of the same value at a cost equal to your initial bet. A new card is then dealt to each hand. Splitting in this game is allowed once to make two hands.

Insurance: If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can take insurance against the dealer getting a Blackjack, costing half your bet. If the dealer has Blackjack, the insurance bet pays out at odds of 2:1. If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, the insurance bet is deducted from your balance as a loss.

Multi-hand: Simultaneously play as many as three hands on mobile and five hands on desktop. Each hand supports the full range of playing options, such as splitting, doubling, and insurance.

How to play Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™

To get started, simply visit JackpotCity Casino on your desktop or mobile device and create an online account. Once logged in, you can easily find Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ in the games lobby. Locate your chips at the bottom of the screen and choose your preferred chip value by using the arrows.

Next, push the "Deal" button and start playing! If you choose to make use of this game’s side bet, before pushing "Deal" first put another chip in the Lucky Lucky bet area after placing your main bet. Lucky Lucky wins pay according to the side bet rules outlined in the next section.

JackpotCity Ranks Among the Top Mobile Casinos in Canada

Playable across all platforms, Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ is fully optimized for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. JackpotCity offers the very latest mobile gaming technology to ensure the ultimate convenience, enjoyment, and safety of every gaming session. This means players from Canada and elsewhere can enjoy playing their own way, no matter which device or platform they prefer to use.

For gaming on the go, the JackpotCity mobile casino app is the ideal mobile casino for blackjack, compatible with iOS and Android devices, to bring you the best online casino games in Canada right to the palm of your hand!

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Player Protection and Safety are our Top Priorities

JackpotCity has prided itself on bringing the very best in online casino gaming and entertainment to Canadians since 1998. Certified by eCOGRA, our casino offers a safe and secure online gaming environment for players. We set the standard for the highest levels of protection and privacy of our players' transactions and personal details through the use of SSL encryption and other cutting-edge technologies.

What’s more, our commitment to responsible gambling at JackpotCity Casino underpins our player-centric approach, with customers in complete control of limiting and exclusionary gambling measures should they require protection or peace of mind.

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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™ Game Guide

Lucrative additional side bet.

One of the most popular games on our site! We rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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