Strike it Rich with Live Lightning Roulette

At JackpotCity online casino Ireland, live dealer games offer players a far more immersive and intimate entertainment experience. Going head-to-head against real dealers in a traditional setup creates that sense of realism that electronic games simply cannot provide. While we offer many different Live Dealer casino games, one the newest and one of the most popular is live Lightning Roulette.

Based on the name, it may seem that the game is just a faster version of the standard Live Dealer option. While the basic gameplay is similar, Lightning Roulette is actually an alternate version of the classic table game with enhanced betting options, an expansive studio set and much bigger payouts!

The Classic Game Reimagined

Powered by Evolution Gaming, Live Lightning Roulette takes live gaming to a whole new level. As they have done with many other casino games, Evolution Gaming has enhanced every aspect of it to create the most thrilling and intimate experience anywhere in Ireland.

This all starts with the studio set. Anyone who has played Evolution games will be familiar with the high-quality sets, immaculately presented dealers and professional tables.

With this casino game, the studio set is decked out in gold and black with a giant LED screen behind the dealer where the “Lightning” action takes place. The gaming software has also been upgraded with faster, easier betting facilities and multiple cameras that capture every second of the action from the dealer to the giant LED screen and the table itself.

Social Betting and Enhanced Winning Opportunities

The most significant difference between Live Lightning and standard Roulette is the enhanced winning opportunities and the incorporation of social betting. In many ways, the game is like Dream Catcher in that multiple players can all sign in and play at the same time. When the betting round opens, the screen behind the dealer will display the betting numbers. As players bet on a specific number, the number will start to vibrate and shake.

The more a number shakes, the more players are betting on the same number. This makes it easier to see the hottest live numbers and who will win big in the lightning round. As with online casino Roulette, Lightning Roulette has all the standard bets including inside bets, outside bets, single number bets etc. Where this game differs is with the inclusion of lucky “lightning” numbers.

When Lightning Strikes

Once all the bets have been placed and the wheel is spun, the dealer will flick the lightning switch. On the screen behind the dealer, a bolt of lightning will strike anywhere from 1 up to 5 lucky betting numbers. When it strikes, it will automatically add a multiplier to that number. The multiplier range starts off at 50x and can get as high as 500x.

For example, if you placed a straight up bet on the numbers, 5, 12 and 18, there is a possibility that one or all of your numbers could be struck. If the number 5 is struck and a multiplier of 300x is added, you are one step closer to winning 300x whatever amount you bet on the number 5. At this point, it all comes down to the where the ball lands. If you are lucky enough and the ball lands on the number 5 slot which has been struck by lightning, you will instantly win 300x your total bet.

Straight up single number bets that are not struck by lightning pay out 30:1 while all other bets such as red/black, dozens, corners etc pay out the standard Roulette amounts. When it comes to live dealer games, Lightning Roulette offers the highest potential payout of any live casino online game in Ireland.Live dealer also offers live roulette and so much more.

Hot Casino Action Online

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but in this game, that’s exactly what you want! Enjoy this innovative title, along with Blackjack online, slots and other amazing options when you sign up at JackpotCity online casino Ireland!

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