Play Video Bingo Online

Video bingo is a welcome addition to our library of excellent online casino games at Jackpot City.

Online Bingo Vs Video Bingo

Online bingo and video bingo are both derivatives of the classic game but exhibit distinctive characteristics – we discuss below:

Differences In Format

  • Online Bingo: Adhering to the traditional bingo format, you acquire tickets or cards embedded with numbers. A computerised system randomly draws numbers and the first player to complete a specific pattern on their card secures victory.
  • Video Bingo: Merging elements of traditional bingo with video slots' online gameplay, you opt for a predetermined number of cards to play with. The game showcases numbers on a screen, offering you flexibility in card selection and bet size adjustment.

Differences In Visual Display

  • Online Bingo: Featuring a straightforward interface akin to a bingo card, online bingo games present players with their cards alongside the called numbers.
  • Video Bingo: Providing a visually captivating experience, video bingo casino games incorporate vibrant graphics, animations, and themes reminiscent of video slots. Additional features like bonus rounds or special symbols heighten the entertainment.

Differences In Gameplay Speed

  • Online Bingo: Governed by the computerised system's pace in calling numbers, online bingo proceeds swiftly, granting you a brief window to mark off numbers before the next call.
  • Video Bingo: Offering varied pacing, you can opt to control the game's speed manually. Some games allow you to click a button for the next set of numbers, while others feature automated drawing.

Differences In Social Aspect

  • Online Bingo: While chat features facilitate player communication during gameplay, the focus primarily remains on the game.
  • Video Bingo: Typically solitary in nature, video bingo's gameplay revolves around player interaction with the interface rather than with fellow players.
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How To Play Video Bingo Online

Please note, the exact details of how to play will differ per game, but generally includes the following:

  • Create an account (if you haven’t already) at Jackpot City, then log in to deposit your gaming funds.
  • Navigate to the Bingo section and select the video bingo game you want to play.
  • Prior to start, determine how many cards you’ll be playing with and decide on your bet amount.
  • Start the game and observe the balls while matching numbers get marked off.
  • Decide whether you want to buy extra balls.
  • If you achieve a winning pattern, the wins are automatically credited.
  • Press the Collect button if you don’t want to play anymore.

Knowing basic casino online bingo terminology can also make playing the games that much simpler – see below:

  • 75 Ball: A bingo variation played with 75 balls or potential numbers, using cards with a 5x5 grid.
  • 90 Ball: Popular video bingo variant played on cards with 9 squares, with a maximum of 5 numbers per row.
  • Bingo Ball: A numbered or lettered ball used in a bingo game selection.
  • Bingo Board: An electronic display board that illuminates each called number during gameplay.
  • Bingo Machine: A selection device for bingo, including a receptacle for balls, a blower, and a ball tray with 75 holes.
  • Blackout: A video bingo pattern requiring the entire card to be covered for a win, also known as "coverall."
  • Buy-In: Purchasing bingo cards or admission packets.
  • Card: A playing card with 24 numbered spaces and a free space, arranged in a 5x5 grid with specific number ranges for each column.
  • Free Space: The central square on a 75-ball bingo card, usually automatically filled at the game's start.
  • Hard-Way Bingo: Achieving a bingo pattern without using the free space.
  • Pattern: The specified shape or arrangement of called numbers needed to win any of the bingo casino games. Common patterns include straight lines horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or covering the entire card (blackout/coverall).

Popular Video Bingo Casino Games

At our video bingo casino we have some of the most beloved games to play, including:

  • Pachinko: An action-packed Japanese-style video bingo game with fun characters and exciting features.
  • Fu 88: A thrilling Asian-themed video bingo adventure with 19 prize patterns, 12 extra balls, Fu Coins and more.
  • 1524 Golden Quest: An immersive and rewarding video bingo experience set in the legendary lost city of gold.
  • Immortal Romance™ Video Bingo: A thrilling fusion of bingo and slots taking you into an online world of supernatural characters, exciting features and more.  
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Mobile Compatibility

Experience the thrill of top video bingo casino games wherever you go, seamlessly on your preferred mobile browser or through our exclusive casino app tailored for tablets and smartphones. iOS users can effortlessly download the app from the App Store, while Android users can access the casino APK file directly from our website, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. With bingo casino games always within reach, the excitement of online gaming is never far away.

Safety And Security

At Jackpot City, we hold full licensing and certification from an independent testing agency, ensuring both fair gameplay and responsible conduct across all our offerings, including video bingo online.

To uphold the privacy of user data and secure financial transactions, we employ cutting-edge SSL encryption technology. We also promote responsible gaming by facilitating easy access to self-assessment tools, temporary suspension options, session reminders, and customisable deposit limits for player protection and well-being.

Video Bingo Frequently Asked Question

How does video bingo work?

Video bingo operates with a predetermined set of balls, and the ultimate objective is to fill your entire card to secure the biggest prize. Each game may come with its unique features and variations, adding layers of excitement and strategy. As the game progresses, balls are drawn randomly by the computer, and players mark off the corresponding numbers on their cards. The first player to complete a specified pattern or fill their entire card wins the respective prize.

How do you play virtual bingo online?

Playing bingo casino games online is straightforward and accessible to all. Begin by registering with a reputable and licensed gaming platform such as Jackpot City. Once logged in, navigate to the games lobby and locate the video bingo titles. Choose your preferred game, select the number of tickets you wish to play with, and start marking off your numbers as they are called.

How to win at video bingo?

Firstly, it’s important to note that video bingo is a game of chance, so wins are never guaranteed. That said, always choose a betting amount that aligns with your budget and risk tolerance. It's also advisable to play with the maximum number of cards available to maximise your winning potential.

Do you win real money playing video bingo online?

Absolutely. When you engage in video bingo online at Jackpot City, you have the opportunity to win real money prizes. The thrill of potentially securing substantial rewards adds to the excitement of the game.

What is the best online video bingo site?

Determining the best online video bingo site depends on individual preferences and requirements. At Jackpot City, we prioritise providing our players with an extensive selection of top-rated online video bingo games, accompanied by exceptional service and robust security measures. Our platform hosts a variety of popular titles, including Bingote, 1524 Golden Quest and Immortal Romance™ Video Bingo.

Does video bingo involve skill?

No, video bingo is primarily a game of chance, devoid of any significant skill requirement. The outcomes are entirely randomised, with the computer selecting numbers and marking them off on players' tickets automatically.

Can you play online video bingo for free?

Indeed, you have the option to enjoy video bingo online for free at Jackpot City – but only if you play in Demo mode. Please note, you cannot accrue any winnings playing in this feature.