All About Android Casinos

Devices using the Android mobile operating system have been around since 2008, when Linux-based technology was first seen on the HTC Dream. Since then, they’ve been getting better and better, with updates frequently being rolled out. These are named alphabetically after a sweet treat, including Donut and KitKat.

Android is owned and operated by Google, and its open-source code is released by this company. The main difference between the Android operating system and other options is that Android can be used on a variety of different makes and models. This means that you can choose the handset that works best for you, especially in light of the fact that most smartphones and tablets come preloaded with certain apps and software specific to the device manufacturer. The new flagship phone for Android is the Pixel, which is a very high-end product, but there are enough price points in the Android hierarchy to satisfy all customers. Android’s Project Brillo also uses a cut-down version of the system for devices embedded within Internet of Things devices.

With more and more people spending time at mobile casinos, the performance of Android casinos has become a point of major interest. The app industry for smartphones exploded around the same time that Android was launched, and there are literally apps to help you with almost everything today. This includes, of course, apps for mobile casinos.

Rising Popularity

Mobile casinos are gaining more and more favour, with some proprietors already reporting that their mobile platforms are surpassing their online counterparts with regards to visitors and generated revenue. The convenience of being able to play any time and anywhere has always been a huge drawcard, and being able to play on a touchscreen can feel much more immersive and immediate than a desktop and mouse does. With the Android games of today having reached the same levels of excellence as the original online games, there’s no reason for them to not be the first choice and, for more and more players, they are.

Different Access Points

A lot of Android casinos can be downloaded and installed on your Android phone, or accessed through the preferred browser on your device. Instant-play casinos might be based on Flash or HTML5 technology, both of which are compatible with the Android system.

The degree of flexibility that Android allows in terms of how to access casinos means that you are almost always able to play at the casino you want, in the way that you want. A lot of it comes down to what works best for you in your current situation – in a nutshell, do you want the wider array of games that a download offers, even if it means sacrificing precious space on your handset for it?

Where to Find Android Casinos

There are several different app stores that offer Android casinos, and you can sometimes download the software from the casino’s mobile site. If you’re playing through your browser, of course, there’s no need to worry about that. Some app stores offer social Android casinos only, while others make real-money options available, so just make sure that you can get what you want.

Stay Aware

Android’s open-source nature allows for a lot of creativity in its apps, but it does also leave you open to malware and other risks that other operating systems are not so vulnerable to. Make sure that you choose Android casinos that have good reviews from reputable sites, and are licensed and regulated by recognized authorities, to ensure you have a good time and are not a victim of crime.

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