Best Android Accessories To Use For Online Gambling With Your Smartphone

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Depending on your resources, interests and commitments, your online gambling may take place on various different platforms – including your Android smartphone. And though the core devices you own will always have the most influence over your online gaming experience, the quality and performance of any accessories you use can also be a factor which helps to max your enjoyment. Because Android is the most common smartphone online gambling format, such accessories can improve your experience in the Android casino when you play your favourite casino games


If you’re playing a game on your smartphone, you’ll soon realise that touchscreen operation really limits your gaming experience. The answer is to connect a wireless Bluetooth controller. Most of these will work with a smartphone, tablet, Android TV and many other common online gaming platforms. For those who can’t use wireless connectivity, there’s still the option of connecting a game controller via USB.

Once hooked up, Android gaming enthusiasts will find a decent controller transforms your gaming. Easy-to-use Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t have to be right beside your phone to play. Gaming will also feel much more like it does on a gaming console and other traditional games platforms. Many controllers will also recharge your smartphone while you play. Experienced players swear by the SteelSeries controllers which have become the go-to choice, but there are controllers out their to suit every pocket and every performance level.

Keyboard and mouse converters

Another way to get around the Android touchscreen issue is to use dedicated gaming mice and keyboards. However, using these devices for this alone would be a criminal waste of resources. As many Android casino gamers will already know, this kit can perform more tricks than that. Both keyboards and mice offer some form of gaming macro key or button which will allow you to barrel through fast-paced games at lightning speed, and with maximum efficiency.

This is simply because these slick peripherals are designed to automate tasks by recording a series of control actions. And once you launch a gaming macro it becomes a powerful gaming weapon which can give your gaming an edge at critical moments. Engaging your killer macro is easily done because it can be mapped to a certain key or mouse button (a gaming mouse might have 12 of these programmable buttons). The Qwerkywriter mechanical keyboard, for instance, feels solid and can dock an Android smartphone or tablet, and LG’s Rolly keyboard offers you gaming facilities which are almost up to laptop standard.


If you want to enjoy enjoy your online casino gaming to the full, why would you settle for the sound quality delivered by a smartphone speaker? And if you’re immersed in a game situation, do you really want to be distracted by external noises? Of course not! Then the answer is a set of wired or wireless headphones to deliver audio which really brings games to life and takes you right to the heart of the action. And if you want two-way interaction, you can always buy a headset which will include a microphone to achieve this. Something like the (wired) SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism headset, a versatile market-leading option, gives you a whole host of features: integrated microphone, Dolby Headphone technology and audio settings you can program as well as external noise cancelling, customisable LED lights and a linking feature to share the audio signal with another set of headphones to enjoy partner game settings.

VR headsets

All gamers appreciate VR technology is here to stay and is set to have a major impact on Android casino games. This technology is now a lot cheaper and that trend is set to continue. Samsung, Oculus, HTC and Sony are currently the major players in this market but things are likely to get ever more competitive over time.

The Zeiss VR One Headset is a good-quality option which feels very comfortable and seems to offer a good build quality. Designed to be compatible with the Google cardboard standard, the Zeiss VR One seems to fit most Android smartphones. Another important benefit of this particular headset is that it can be worn over a pair of glasses. That’s something you can’t do with many other headsets on the market at the moment.

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