Casino Games and the Gender Effect

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The effect of gender has been explored in many different ways over the years, and in regards to many different aspects and facets of human behaviour. It can seem a little politically incorrect to talk about it in this day and age, but the findings of studies continue to show that it exists.

It’s important to remember that, with something as complex as gender identity there is no one-size-fits-all formulation or rule. As the definitions of gender become more fluid and society gets more comfortable with that, we might see different trends emerging. And, of course, the fact that there are basic natural tendencies that are reinforced by the world we live in makes it even more difficult to disentangle what gender means for each individual.

While the personal and societal definitions of gender and how we all relate to them are very hot topics, the focus here is on how this all affects casino games and how we play them! The findings at the moment are limited to what we conventionally understand as men and women, and more research on the different subcategories of gender could be very interesting and enlightening. For now, let’s keep our attention on what we do know.

Gender Differences in Socialising

While it’s hard to say how much is down to nature and how much is down to nurture, it does seem clear that men and women, broadly speaking, socialise quite differently. Women appear to rely more on meaningful, one-on-one conversations and to forge closer friendships than men, who rely more on competition and activities, do.

The result of their different socialising styles is that men tend to form significant bonds with their romantic partner only, rather than with a group of platonic kindred spirits in the way that women do. It would be interesting to see if this is as true in groups of homosexual versus heterosexual men, and whether the friendship bonds of gay men and women are different. These are questions that still need to be answered, but what we do have a little information on is how these socialisation differences affect the motivation to gamble and the games that are chosen for men and women.

Motivation to Gamble

Aside from being able to win serious payouts, men and women have both been found to gamble online as a way of socialising and a way of escaping the grind of daily life. The same is true for online video gaming, and there each gender also tends to choose a different kind of game. For men and women, then, it’s not why they gamble that distinguishes them, but how.

Casino Game Selection

The differences in how men and women gamble can be traced back to the differences in how men and women socialise. Men, being more competitive and needing to bond more by engaging in a common activity, go more for games like Poker or Blackjack. Women, on the other hand, bond by supporting each other and having fun, and tend to go more for Slots or Bingo. All of these options, and many more can, of course, be found at JackpotCity Casino.

Comparing the chat logs between a Bingo Room and a Poker Room reinforces that men and women show appreciation and enjoyment in very different ways, with the former generally being more challenging and the latter generally being more nurturing. Neither of these is better or worse, and we shouldn’t get too bogged down in stereotypes. Rather, use this information to understand a little bit of the differences in genders and remember, especially as the world keeps evolving, that there is always more to learn.

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