How To Spend Your Casino Jackpot

What to spend your jackpot on
Your casino jackpot win can be a literally life-changing amount.

Sure you can buy a house, a nice car, go on a trip around the world, but what is a massive jackpot if you can’t also blow some of it on frivolous or decadent items. Let’s check out some crazy items to blow your hard won money on.

A Decommissioned US Fighter Jet

For the paltry sum of $2 950 000, you can buy a decommissioned US fighter jet. You may even have some change left over to complete the Top Gun fantasy with some gold-rimmed $200 Ray Bans.

The Solid Gold Pen

When you are signing autographs after your massive win you want to do it in style. Why not pop around to Montegrappa’s website and check out their range of $85 000, 10-carat Gold fountain pens.

For The Nerds

If you are a Batman fan like me, your life won’t be complete without a $250 000 replica of the classic 1966 Bat Car from the television series starring Adam West.

For The Family Man

If you have a family, you can spoil your kids rotten with some high-end kids goodies. Why not try out the Burberry Teddy bear for your baby; it’s an absolute steal at $2000. That is just a standard teddy bear. Want something more practical for your baby?

Check out the classy $1500 diaper bag, on sale from Gucci’s website. If you have some teenage boys or girls, why not get them the $1300 Dolce and Gabbana sleeping bag for slumber parties. For toddlers you can fork out for a $4200 diamond encrusted rocking horse from Hermes.

For The Foodies

For people who are fans of a good meal you can check out the $1500 June Oven countertop grill that will burn the day’s weather into your toast. If you like a good BBQ check out the Grillbot automated grill-cleaning robot for $100.

That’s chump change for a high roller! For afterwards you can pick up the $200 Sonicare FlexCare Platinum toothbrush that comes with a Smartphone app that rates your brushing technique and advises what spots you missed during your brush.

If these great gadgets don’t get you in a real money progressive jackpot gaming mood, then absolutely nothing will! Check out some of our great progressive jackpot games at JackpotCity and start compiling that shopping list.

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