Casino Terms You Need to Know

Playing at online casinos is an adventure, and part of the adventure can be a bit like cracking an ancient secret code. We’re talking about casino jargon; all the words and phrases that are peculiar to gaming. While some of the terms are mostly used in friendly banter between players and casino staff, other terms are used in game descriptions or in relation to various services offered by casinos, which means they’re quite important. Find out what the important ones are and what they mean so you can navigate your way around casinos like a pro.

Active Payline: Slot machine paylines that are brought into play; that is, they’re the lines on which you place bets. In some slots, paylines are fixed, which means all paylines are active in every spin. Symbols line up to form combinations on paylines.

Bankroll: The amount of money you intend to spend when playing casino games.

Cashier: Traditionally, the casino booth at which players cashed in and cashed out; that is, where players bought casino chips, and then exchanged them for real money. At many online casinos, the banking page is called the Cashier page.

Casino Advantage: Also known as the House Edge, it’s the chance the casino has of winning a specific game. You can usually enjoy a higher win rate when you play games with a low casino advantage.

Free Spins: When you get free spins, you can spin slot machine reels for free. You could trigger them when playing slots with a free spins feature, or you could receive them as part of a casino bonus or promotion.

House Rules: All casino games have rules. The house rules are the rules that govern players’ participation in those games at a certain casino.

Insurance Bet: When you place insurance bets, you’re hedging your bets. Insurance bets are usually smaller than your initial bet, and are placed on the alternative outcomes of the game, so that you’re more or less guaranteed a win.

Random Number Generator: Abbreviated as RNG, a random number generator is software that uses an algorithm to select numbers from a huge sequence at random. Those random numbers are converted into results by game software, so they appear as playing cards or a ball in a roulette wheel pocket.

Put your new vocabulary to the test and come play casino games with us now!

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