Celebrities Who Love Blackjack

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Gambling is an activity that has been ingrained into our culture over thousands of years. It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy, poor, old, young or talented, the thrill of winning big is a feeling that attracts players from all walks of life. For many people, one casino game that has the most pull is blackjack. This exciting casino card game pits players directly against the dealer in a mental game of skill and luck. It is hardly surprising, then, that some of the biggest celebrities can often be found at the blackjack table. JackpotCity casino takes a look at a few celebs who love the game of 21.

Ben Affleck

Of all the celebrities who enjoy a bit of blackjack, Ben Affleck takes the cake. Known for his acting roles in Pearl Harbour, Good Will Hunting and Argo, this Oscar-winning actor has more than just a passing fancy for the game. Ben’s love for blackjack became widely known when it was revealed that he was kicked off the blackjack tables in Vegas. Apparently, he was winning too much. Affleck has since admitted that he has dedicated a lot of time and energy into learning the perfect blackjack strategy, as well as card counting techniques.

50 Cent

American musician, Curtis James Jackson III, is better known under the name 50 Cent. This American rapper famously made headlines for his music, as well as being arrested a few times - and for being shot. 50 Cent is famous for his penchant for online blackjack and mobile casino games. After being listed as one of the wealthiest figures in American music, 50 Cent found himself spending a lot of time playing blackjack online and at some of the biggest casinos around the world. The musician is known to have bet up to $70,000 in a single sitting. His love for the game extends even further, as he has his own blackjack game app that can be played via social media on smartphones and tablets.

Paris H​ilton

While she may not be a household name anymore, Paris Hilton will always be remembered as the celebrity with the famously leaked sex tape and mediocre Reality TV series. The hotel heiress has a bucket load of cash and can often be seen visiting the blackjack tables in Vegas. Paris is actually one of the few celebs who are paid big money by high end casinos to make regular appearances. Paris herself is actually a decent blackjack player. With a serious bankroll to back her up, she reportedly won over $40 000 on a single game.

Prince Harry

One celebrity most people would not expect to see in a casino is Prince Harry. This royal has been spotted a number of times at The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. Harry apparently uses a number of tricks and strategies to win at blackjack. While he can certainly afford it, Harry likes to play at casinos where the drinks are free. Harry’s skills at the blackjack table don’t always work out, though. At one point, the star lost over $300 in every blackjack game he played in Vegas throughout the day.

P Diddy

Another American rapper who really loves his blackjack is Sean Combs, otherwise known as Puff Daddy or P Diddy. The famously wealthy star frequently makes appearances in Atlantic City and Las Vegas for a bit of recreational gambling. But P Diddy’s love for blackjack extends beyond just a passing interest. It has been reported that the rapper has requested blackjack tables to be set up backstage before major concerts for him and his friends to play a few rounds. He is one of the few celebrities who are paid to make regular appearances at top-rated casinos.

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