The Definition Of Being A High Roller

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The term "high roller" has been in our modern parlance for years now. It is a term with a diverse range of meanings to people, both positive and negative. It essentially refers to a lifestyle of luxury, living every day as if it’s your last and money being no object. High rollers generally are powerful businessmen, but you do also find a fair few professional gamblers who simply manage to live the high roller lifestyle through skill and a healthy dose of pure luck.

Online casinos offer great benefits for high rollers through bonuses, promotional offers and VIP membership programs.

The Benefits Keep Coming

Being a high roller means that the casino will considers you a preferred customer. This is because high roller players will almost exclusively play high stakes games. Additionally many of the standard table rules are often changed or suspended altogether at land-based casinos for these players. Online casinos will not generally suspend all the standard casino rules but there are special privileges allowed for high rollers. In both cases these privileges can include higher deposit and withdrawal limits. Another common concession given to high rollers is higher table limits. This, of course, needs to reconcile with the casino’s actual available funds. Table limits for high rollers can reach upwards of $300 000.

Being Defined As A High Roller

For many people, attaining the status of a high roller is a lifelong goal. It is tied to a lifestyle that is not for everybody, but can be rewarding. Some people look to achieve high roller status because they love the free complimentary privileges that go with high stakes gambling. These privileges can include free trips, free entry into high stakes games, gifts, prizes, the limits are only the casino’s imagination.

A Double Edged Sword

The other side of this term is however not positive. Many land-based casinos used the term high roller as a synonym for the term “whale” where they see a high roller as someone to exploit. This is one of the main reasons online casinos are a much better way to engage in real money wagering because online casinos respect their customers. High rollers will only experience the best VIP treatment at online casinos with their special rewards programs and diverse payment and withdrawal options.

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