Five Fun Casino Facts

The slots and table, card, and speciality games played in casinos are usually the focus of players’ attention. However, the casino world is the source of some truly fascinating trivia. Take a look at the five best casino fun facts with JackpotCity.

Playing Over Water

When the US state of Illinois legalised gambling in 1990, it limited casinos to operating on boats that moved up and down rivers. A few amendments were made to the state’s gambling laws over the years; one of them being that casinos over water no longer need to be mobile. By building over a pit containing a few centimetres of water, Rivers Casino managed to comply with the law. A far cry from the riverboats, the casino boasts more than 1000 slot machines and almost 50 game tables.

First on the Las Vegas Strip

Widely recognised as one of the world’s major gambling centres, the Las Vegas Strip is almost 7km of casinos, hotels, and resorts on the Las Vegas Boulevard South. The very first casino built on the famous Strip, the El Rancho Vegas, opened its doors on 3 April 1941. Its floor featured 70 slot machines, one craps table, one roulette table, and two blackjack tables. The establishment also offered the state of Nevada’s largest dining room, as well as a theatre, a swimming pool, and horseback riding.

Casino Eclipses Income Tax 

The tiny Mediterranean state of Monaco is the site of one of the world’s most prestigious casinos. It’s precisely because of that casino that none of the state’s residents pay income tax. The state scrapped income tax in 1869, because the revenue it received from the casino more than covered costs.

Nevada’s Pop-Up Casinos

Nevada no longer issues unrestricted gambling licences, but does renew the unrestricted licences that were issued until the 90s. To ensure they keep their coveted licences, the owners of defunct casinos run pop-up casinos. Often run by installing a few slot machines in a trailer, they operate for approximately eight hours a day every two years.

High Rollers Don’t Always Have It Easy

Many players are under the impression that they can walk into a casino and place a bet without any fuss. While that’s probably true for most players, high rollers don’t always have it so easy. In some casinos, players who want to place particularly large bets would first need to sign a contract or have the bet approved by the casino’s management.

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