Gamification In Online Casinos

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Gamification is a unique and interesting process that aims to engage customers on a deeper level, motivating them to spend more time in a chosen activity. For example, a bookstore may use the process of gamification to motivate customers to spend more time in the bookstore, browsing and hopefully buying more books. The gamification aspect of it may be such a simple thing as giving one free book for every ten books purchased. The customer is eager to earn their free book, and so will be motivated to buy and read more books, not only because they enjoy books, but also because who can say no to a freebie?

In online casinos the gamification process has only come about fairly recently, and to say it is largely successful is an understatement. Many online casinos use gamification, and in the vast majority of cases it sees moderate to high success. The techniques used are classic ones, and the online casino environment is perfect for its implementation. Loyalty points, for example, are simple in concept, but see a massive spike in return customers when used effectively.

Casino Gamification Techniques

Let’s have a look at some common gamification techniques.

Does Gamification Work?

If it hasn’t been clear enough already, yes, gamification works, and patrons of online casinos love it. Similar techniques are used at organisations all over the world, and the general consensus is that there is hardly a better way to make customers feel appreciated, and motivate them to keep coming back again and again.

The United States Army is well known for using a gamification system in their recruitment program. A free military simulation game is offered to United States citizens for free, which is not only an entertaining game, but teaches users important lessons about military procedure. The gamification aspect of it keeps players coming back to achieve new badges and goals. In return, military recruitment saw a marked increase since the release of the game.

Samsung uses gamification to reward customers for participating in their community. Dedicated users earn badges and loyalty points by reviewing products and participating in online discussion groups. There is also a reward system for those who choose to watch and discuss promotional videos for latest products.

Good For Everyone

Simply put, gamification is not only good for business, but also great for online casino users. Getting more for less is never a bad thing, and we strongly recommend that online casino users go where they feel most appreciated, and feel like they are getting the most for their money. It’s not really a question of going to an online casino where they have gamification, but rather finding the best gamification system that works for you. An online casino without gamification at this point would be feeling very much like the odd man out at this point in time.

In other words; don’t be afraid to look around and see what is on offer when you are deciding on an online casino. The value of gamification programmes tends to fluctuate, depending on which websites are making a push for more business. There is no shame in going where the deals are best, and we encourage you to take full advantage of all the most beneficial offers.

After all, in a market so rich with competition the biggest benefactor should always be the customer. So go forth and reap the gamification rewards while they are still so amazingly generous.

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