Will Miami Glow Light Up Gamers' Lives?

Miami Glow

Source: Microgaming

When it comes to high-quality online slots, Canada has plenty on offer. However, few games can match Miami Glow for an 80s vibe that will remind players of a certain vintage of those pioneering video games like PacMan, Donkey Kong or Paperboy. However, the blocky graphics and terrible sound effects from that era are nowhere to be seen. After all, no respectful online player would dream of using 40-year-old technology for a sophisticated online slot machine these days.

Fortunately, this game is certainly not old-fashioned in terms of playability or features. Instead, Miami Glow offers a nostalgic feel for the era of big hair and Dayglo colours with many other styles that will set you back a few decades. It simply does so in a very modern way. In fact, Miami Glow has an instantly recognizable sense that anyone can enter the era, regardless of whether they first experienced the 1980s or not. Much of it will be familiar to people who like online slot machines despite the nostalgia. What should players know about Miami Glow before giving it a chance?

Design and Play in Miami Glow

If you've ever seen a movie set in Miami, you'll know that the city is famous for its art deco buildings, many of which were modernized and refurbished with neon signs in the 1980s, giving the place an almost unique atmosphere, especially in the evenings when locals and vacationers come out to admire them. Miami Glow picks up this look for its game design and runs with it. The game's developers, Snowborn Games, describe it as a "soothing atmosphere," just like you might experience on a cruise along the coast in Miami.

In addition to the vibrant lighting and art deco touches, the graphics of the game also include other icons of Florida and the Caribbean beyond, such as palm trees. The game also has the usual playing card symbols that you would expect from most online slot machines today, but even these get the neon treatment so that they appear on the dark background of the game to maximum effect on you. Then there's the retro soundtrack to really anchor you in the 1980s. Few slot machines offer such a groovy and nostalgic audio vibe as Miami Glow.

In terms of gameplay, Miami Glow continues to deliver good results. The game is well animated and the reels spin very smoothly, for example. The time you have to take between takes is minimal, so the action feels like a constant flow. However, there is no problem if you slow down your spins either. Finally, it is all about the relaxed pace of life you would find in Miami. In the base game, there are ten possible combinations of symbols you can come up with. If multiple paylines are reached, Miami Glow will give you the highest prize. In addition, it is possible to get a multiplier of up to ten times your initial bet in the base game, so it is worth playing for that reason alone, even if you never open any of the in-game features.

The functions of the offer and how they work

The five reels of Miami Glow are spread over three reels, which means that after each round you will potentially see 15 different symbols. If three of them are random Glow symbols, then you open the game's Glow Bonus Feature. The Glow symbols only ever appear on the middle reel or the symbols on the far left or right. If they do, you get a free move. However, this is rewarded with stacked Wilds, increasing the chances of getting an award-winning combination. In addition, all bets and lines in the Glow Bonus Feature are set to the same value as you had when the feature was triggered.

As expected, Miami Glow also has Wild symbols. These do not open a specific feature, but can be replaced by any other symbol in both the base game and the start of the Glow Bonus Feature. The only symbols that are not replaced are the Glow symbols themselves. In addition, there are Sticky Wilds to look out for. These symbols work in the same way as normal Wilds, only they remain in place when resins are awarded. If you receive more resins, the Sticky Wilds remain in their position until they are exhausted.


With a randomly applied multiplier that comes into play on each turn, Miami Glow offers an instant chance of success. You could get a x1 multiplier, but again, you could get a x10 multiplier - it depends on the luck of the draw. Note that Miami Glow is a game of high volatility, which means you'll probably want to stick with it for a while to win one of the better prizes in the online slot. The game also has a payout rate of over 96 percent, so it's definitely worth paying attention to when you're having fun playing games with such attractive characters. Of course, many players won't care about such dates and simply enjoy Miami Glow for its retro vibe, bright colours and cheerful atmosphere.


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