Are Mobile Casinos The Same As Desktop?

The question should actually be phrased as such:  Which experience is better?  Mobile casinos or desktop casinos?  This question is slightly more complicated than it appears to be at first glance.  The initial answer that comes to mind is that desktop casinos must be better due to the sheer size, compared to that of a mobile device.  When considering the question a little longer, it’s quite a different conclusion that is reached.

The fact is that both versions are developed and optimised specifically for the particular purpose to be served, as well as the specific type of operating systems that the games will be running on.  This is why it’s often harder to favour one above the other than what one may initially think.

They very often differ quite vastly in both look and feel.  Mobile casinos, for instance, generally appear much more minimalistic than their desktop counterparts.  This is obviously for practical reasons, with the unnecessary clutter having been removed in order to make the mobile gaming experience a smoother running one.

Are Mobile Casinos The Same As Desktop?

**Distractions & Desktop Casinos **

When you are on your desktop computer you may be browsing other sites at the same time, watching a movie or even streaming the radio or listening music. All of these things serve as distractions. When you are on your mobile, you tend to focus more on the games, as the smaller screen makes the games more immersive. Add to this the fact that most smartphones and tablets have touch screens, and it’s easy to see why so many players say that mobile gaming is more engaging.

The Convenience Factor

This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile casinos, as opposed to desktop casinos.  You can access mobile casino games anywhere, anytime. There is no need to set aside time for gaming, nor is there any need to be at home in front of your computer. You can play anywhere you please, plus no one can see what you’re up too, as you mobile device is right in front of you.

Desktop Users Spoilt For Choice

There is no getting around this one – desktop casino patrons enjoy the luxury of choice- from a variety of banking options to a greater selection of games.  If choice is where you’re at, desktop is the way to go.  Even special features tend to be more prevalent and extravagant at desktop casinos.  This is a matter of it simply not being all that practical on a mobile device – and would be bound to be more of an irritation than anything else on a mobile device.

Such then is the nature of the beast, and the answer to the question: No, they are not the same.  Yes, both systems offer their own unique benefits and are perfect for different players and different situations. We’re just lucky to have both!

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