Online Gambling To Grow

It’s no secret that gambling is a big industry in the United States, with online gambling in particular seeing massive year on year gains. In fact, online gambling alone has become so enormous that, globally, it is currently challenging the film industry for gross profits per year. But what’s really amazing is that gambling is set to keep getting bigger, in the United States and the world, with predictions saying that it will continue to increase profits clear through to the year 2020. If this doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, nothing will.

The finding came from a report titled Gambling: United States, which was released by Freedonia Focus reports. Their claim was that gambling in the United States specifically was set to see an annual gain of about 2.9%, through to the year 2020. It’s a pretty massive statement, and, if turning out to be true, good news for the industry as a whole. But how could gambling see such massive gains, and what exactly is driving this enormous growth?

Localised Gambling

In the United States gambling was generally thought to be an activity that took place in a specific location. And if you haven’t guessed which location, you probably haven’t been paying attention to American Culture for the last fifty or so years. Las Vegas is widely thought of as the gambling capital of the Untied States, and many even think of it as the gambling capital of the world. If people were looking to do a bit of gambling in the United States, Las Vegas is the place they would be heading. But this is all about to change, at least to some extent.

The United States is currently undergoing a gambling revolution, and many establishments are looking to offer a Las Vegas experience closer to home. This comes not only in the form of online gambling, but also in a number of new establishments that are looking to break into the gambling scene. Online gambling in particular, however, is where much of the focus is going to be. With the recently launched live casinos headquarters in the United States, it is predicted that more people than ever before are going to try out gambling, and this is going to drive never before seen growth.

Live Casinos

A live casino is a system whereby casino games are broadcast live online. Many still think of online gambling as involving completely digital versions of casino games, and although these versions work perfectly well, a live casino is a whole new experience. Real dealers are used, generally attractive and charismatic individuals, and players are able to directly interact with them. It is an expensive and complicated system to implement, but it also attracts players in a way that standard online casinos simply cannot.

New live casinos broadcast systems are now active in the United States, and it is already being seen that more players than ever before are trying online gambling. There are, however, some drawbacks to live casino systems, such as the requirement that the user has a strong and reliable internet connection, but given that the United States has some of the most stable internet in the world this should prove to be a minimal challenge at the most. Live casinos can expect to see a massive gain in interest for many years into the future, as word of their existence penetrates deeper into the United States.

Mobile Phone Gambling

Another area set to see major gains is gambling on mobile devices. New smart phone focused casino websites are popping onto the market on an almost daily basis, and there is no sign of this abating. Offering incredible convenience, extremely user-friendly interfaces and a strong focus on being amazingly versatile and flexible, mobile casino games are the fastest and easiest way to quick access to top quality games.

Up until recently mobile casino games have seen minimal popularity in some parts of the United States, but with interest steadily growing it can be expected that the county will soon be a leader in this department.

Overall Growth

So it is clear that the United States can brace for some major growth in the gambling industry. As has already been said this growth is predicted to be an overall amount of about 2.9% annually until 2020, which is an extremely significant number. As to whether these figures will be reached remains to be seen, but online-based gambling companies are likely to be facing stiff competition in a very lucrative industry.

As always, a competitive market is often an unpredictable and tumultuous one, which will especially be true in the online gambling department in the United States. As new companies spring up and look for a piece of the market they are sure to pull out all the stops. This is certainly great news for the consumer, who is sure to be showered with incredible deals from all directions.

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