A Quick Guide To Mobile Slot Game Formats

 User playing casino games from his phone
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As mobile phones have continued to evolve, their capabilities have also increased to new levels of sophistication and many devices are now more powerful than the desktop machines in use less than a decade ago. This progression has prompted online casinos to provide mobile-optimised versions of gaming software and thus bring the enjoyment of online gaming to a whole new generation of smartphone owners. So whether you wish to download a native JackpotCity Casino app to maximise your gaming experience, or simply choose to play online casino games direct via your own browser, you can now have fun playing your favourite mobile slot games anytime and anywhere you choose – and all within a matter of moments.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s involved if you wish to take advantage of the mobile gaming scene.

Advantages of playing mobile slots

Perhaps the greatest advantage of mobile gaming access is that you become part of a growing trend towards mobile platforms. It has been estimated that over 160 million people now use their mobile devices for online gaming (2018 figures). And in addition, experts note that the enhanced specifications of the latest handheld devices means that games developers are increasingly designing games which are optimised for this online format – thus desktop games will soon start to fall behind.

Online casinos also encourage mobile platforms by producing dedicated apps as well as offering incentives such as welcome bonuses, free spins and stake refunds which are only available to mobile participants.

Software compatibility and requirements

An increasing number of slot games are available in mobile formats. So whilst it may be true today that not every online casino favourite can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, this is definitely the way the industry is moving. Furthermore, though it is also true that games are made available in a chosen format (usually iOS, Android or Windows), a game optimised for one format may still offer some limited mobile functionality in another format.

Generally speaking, you will need a compatible operating system – iOS, Android or Windows Mobile – to play casino games on your handheld device. For example, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices have good graphics capabilities and all use iOS. So provided you have an operating system upgraded to iOS3.x or above, your handheld device should then be able to access a range of mobile casinos online. It’s always important to check the technical specifications before downloading gaming apps. Many games will be available in multiple formats, but an Android app probably won’t work at all, or may perform poorly at best, if you attempt to run it on an iOS device. In addition, online casinos will usually specify the software versions required and any additional device hardware which may be needed to run their games.

How to deposit and cashout

Priming your JackpotCity Casino account with funds requires much the same action as on your laptop: First locate and access the cashier tab. Then select your preferred payment method e.g. debit/credit card, instant banking or e-wallet. You will then be asked to enter your details and make a specified payment. And once you click the submit button a message will confirm you can start to play.

You can also cashout your winnings via smartphone. Once again this will require you to access the cashier tab and, if it’s your first account withdrawal, you will have to complete an ID verification process – often by submitting photo evidence of your passport or driving licence to complete an identity check. Then you can request a withdrawal, usually via the same method you used to create a deposit. It’s worth noting here that withdrawals can be subject to a waiting period of 1-2 days.

How to play mobile slot games

When viewing a mobile slot version of a game for the first time, it may have a slightly different look. This is just because the game has been optimised for handheld devices rather than laptop/PC online gaming. Your mobile has a different screen size so the game format will have been altered to allow for this. Though there may occasionally be some differences in features and/or functionality, most games will run in a web browser on any device, and the payouts and RTPs available will be just the same in a mobile format.

Mobile casino apps

As an alternative to playing a game via your tablet or smartphone browser, most online casinos can provide a dedicated app download to play games via their platform specific software. Playing games this way is often more convenient because you will gain easy access to game components such as auto play features. Mobile casino apps also make it easy to configure the amount you wish to bet and to select the number of active playlines you want to use. Once your preparation is done, the process of spinning the reels and hoping for a good outcome is very much like the online versions you are already familiar with.

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