Sexiest Ladies In Microgaming Slots

Sexiest Ladies In Microgaming Slots

Let’s just face it and be honest, many slot games are based around the theme of attractive ladies, and men, and who could argue with this as a good idea? Humans like other attractive humans, and seeing them in slot games isn’t exactly something anyone would frown on. In fact, so many games feature hunky guys, and sexy girls, that one can make lists of which are showcasing the most beautiful characters.

So that’s exactly what we decided to do. Using all our skill at spotting beautiful ladies, we went about and made a list of some of the most striking ladies in Microgaming slot games. We’ll do another on the hunkiest guys, so don’t fret if you prefer bulging biceps to slim waste lines. Here are some of the most attractive ladies in Microgaming slot games.

Bikini Party

Yes, one of the advantages of going to the beach is seeing all the lovely ladies in their summer bikinis. It’s just one of the reasons to look forward to summer. In fact, no guessing that many go to the beach just for this very reason. So isn’t it logical that a slot game should be based around this very idea? Bikini Party is a slot game that is largely based around attractive ladies in bikinis, doing what attractive ladies in bikinis do on the beach. That is, play volleyball, play with inflatable beach balls, and soak in the sun.

Bikini Part is also a fun slot game besides all the bikini-clad ladies, and is well worth checking out, either way. Come for the bikinis, stay for the great jackpots and huge payouts.

Asian Beauty

Asian ladies have a reputation for being petite, elegant, and gorgeous, so it makes sense that a slot game would be based around this idea. One of the great things about the game Asian Beauty is that it is very modest and sensible about depicting lovely Asian ladies. Yes, the ladies on display are certainly stunningly gorgeous, but are also tastefully depicted in modest ways.

As far as slot games go, Asian Beauty is an excellent all round experience, and one can’t help but admire the great artwork, tasteful beauty, and great gameplay. A must play slot game experience for anyone who enjoy beauty in general.


Pistoleras takes the topic of beautiful women, and throws it back into the old west. Yes, it turns out that gorgeous ladies are still gorgeous, even when wielding six-guns and looking like they’ve probably robbed a stagecoach or two.

The great thing about this game is that although the focus of the art is on how attractive the women are, there is still a strong sense of adventure in the artwork. It’s not just about how stunning the women are, but they seem perfectly capable at kicking some serious backside. The artwork is also, it need not be said, some of the best in slot game history, with a clearly very talented artist at work here. And yes, since you were wondering, the game itself is also a great deal of fun as well.

Beautiful Bones

Didn’t think you’d heat the words beautiful and bones in the same sentence, especially when it’s a game revolving around gorgeous women? Well, it takes a bit of explaining to understand what’s going on here. The Day of the Dead, as it’s referred to, is a festival that celebrates those who have passed on, and is themed with skeletons and bones. It’s a wonderful festival in the real world, and certainly a spectacle to behold. And yes, many are known to paint their faces like skulls.

The idea of Beautiful Bones is that a number of ladies are depicted participating in this festival, with their faces painted as skills. It’s a little macabre to say the least, but also a really incredible display of beauty and the macabre side by side. The artwork in the game is second to none, and a person could get lost simply being hypnotised by the various stunning images. Beautiful Bones is not just a game about lovely ladies, but a study of the very nature of beauty itself.

Titans Of The Sun

There is little as attractive as a strong, capable woman, and Titans of The Sun takes this idea to the next level. The game is based around a woman warrior, taken from the Greek era of the Titans. For a frame of reference, Hercules was another character from this mythological era. But it wont be Hercules you will be seeing in this game, but instead Theia, a lesser known but equally as impressive to behold character.

Theia takes no nonsense, based on the scowl on her face, but it doesn’t mean she still can’t be a wonderfully sexy woman. Dressed in gold and wielding a sword, there are few who wouldn’t like to get to know her a little better.

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