Weirdest Microgaming Slot Games

Weirdest Microgaming Slot Games

Online slots games are a pretty impressive spectacle. Having gone digital, the possibilities of creativity has increased ten fold, opening amazing opportunity as far as design is concerned. This means, of course, that slot game designers have gone the whole nine yards, with games that feature incredible animation, amazing graphics, and impressive soundtracks. So it’s little wonder that online slot games are enormously popular.

As far as slot game themes go there is also a gob smacking variety, with so many different themes, featuring such an enormous variety, that a person could get lost just trying to decide which game to try first. There is, however, a phenomenon that occurs when designers have too much creative freedom. And that phenomenon is that rather strange slot games start to get created. After all, a person can’t come up with a good idea every time, and so will perhaps settle for something a little strange, just for a bit of fun.

Here is a look at some of the stranger slot games created by Microgaming.


So, you’re sitting around, trying to think of a good theme for a slot game, and settle on the Terminator. But, such a popular franchise has all sorts of licensing fees, and copyright rules. What to do about it? Well, turn the Terminator into the Germinator, of course. No lawsuits, no problems, everyone is happy.

Perhaps the strangest thing about the Germinator slot game is that it has virtually nothing at all to do with the Terminator, even by the loosest of standards. It seems like the creators simply replaced a T with a G and decided they were good to go. The game itself isn’t bad, by any means, it simply had nothing in terms of design, other than the pun in the name.

Upon playing the game a person will simply see a few cartoon germs, and will likely be asking himself or herself why the pun exists at all. Either way, Germinator is still a fun game worth checking out.

Cool Wolf

Cool Wolf is what happens when designers are just fresh out of ideas, and have no idea what else to put together. Wolves are pretty popular, one designer thinks, but they have been done to death. Well, people also like cool things, adds another designer. How about we smash the two together, and get a Cool Wolf? Sounds great, they both think and so Cool Wolf was created.

In truth, Cool Wolf has pretty good artwork, and is a reasonably fun game. But the image of a cool, anthropomorphic wolf is almost so bizarre as to make a person scratch their head, and wonder what exactly happened. Cool Wolf features a wolf with a guitar, sunglasses, and hairstyle straight out of a movie from the thirties. Again, he is pretty well drawn, and the artwork is good, but why a Cool Wolf, of all things?

Boogie Monsters

Boogie Monsters also has a wolf, as well as a few other monsters. But, these monsters are not scary, far from it, instead they seem to enjoy dressing in retro disco outfits, and dance it up on the dance floor. Why? Who knows. Yet another example of designers coming up blank, and simply throwing retro clothing on a bunch of monsters, just for the hell of it.

Of all the games on this list, Boogie Monsters is the most likely to have players throwing up their hands, and simply laughing in confusion. And this alone makes the game worth checking out. A person can almost see the designers just going with it, forgetting rational logic, and just creating images that were a little bit zany, but so much fun.

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