Top 10 Best Places To Gamble Globally

If you’re the type of person who likes to take trips, purely for the sake of experiencing world class gambling, then this is the list for you. There are, after all, a number of places globally that claim to offer the best bang for your buck. But, according to our research, these are top 10 best places to gamble on Earth.

Macau, China

If asking the average person where the best gambling can be found, many would automatically answer; Las Vegas. But, those, people would be wrong. Macau, located in China, is in fact the richest, and most acclaimed gambling destination currently available. Falling outside of Chinese gambling laws, Macau is the place to go for non-stop partying and gambling. That is, of course, if you can afford it.

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas isn’t the top of the list, but it certainly comes in at a very strong second. Residing in the middle of a large, mostly untouched desert, Las Vegas isn’t fondly referred to as Sin City for nothing. The area offers incredible gourmet restaurants, astonishing amusement parks, and of course, all the gambling you could possibly hope for.

Atlantic City, United States

Atlantic City tends to be overlooked due to the colossal reputation of Las Vegas, but still happens to be one of the most extraordinary tourist destinations in the USA. Offering beautiful scenery, incredible gambling opportunities, and a veritable buffet of night life attractions, Atlantic City comes in third on the list.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Moving now to Europe, Monaco is a breathtakingly beautiful area of the world, with sun kissed beaches and deep blue oceans. Plus, sitting square in the centre of all this beauty happens to be one of the richest, most luxurious gambling destinations in the world. Hey, if you get tired of gambling, you can always go relax on the beach.

London, England

Most don’t associate London with gambling, but that doesn’t mean that the area isn’t a great place to roll some dice. London has an enormous selection of incredible casinos, all sitting snugly in the shadow of the picturesque Big Ben tower.


Gambling has only been legal in Singapore for a few short years, but the industry is already booming to an astonishing degree. With a newly opened area referred to as SkyPark offering an awe inspiring all in one holiday and gambling experience, there are few places as luxurious anywhere else in the world.

Los Angeles, United States

Coming in seventh, and back to the United States, Los Angeles is another must see gambling attraction. The area is often a stopping point for those en routes to Vegas or Reno, but happens to offer a number of outstanding gambling locations of its own. Be sure to check out the acclaimed Bicycle Casino and Commerce Casino, two of the best gambling establishments in the country.

Paris, France

Areas such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas were built with being gambling cities in mind, and so have a certain flavour where scenery is concerned. Paris, however, was a stunningly beautiful city long before it had luxurious casinos. This means that as far as aesthetic appeal goes, Paris has many of the other locations on this list beat, hands down. Interestingly, online gambling is still not legal in Paris, so there is no online poker for the French. What this means, however, is that Paris has some of the most active casinos in the world.

Reno, United States

Reno is often thought of as the little brother of Las Vegas, but it just so happens that Reno was a gambling hub before Vegas stole its thunder. Either way, Reno is still a premium gambling destination, with over 20 establishments that offer good living and many roulette tables. Plus, if you get a taste for gambling in Reno and decide you want it all on a bigger scale, you can always scoot on over to Vegas, which is conveniently nearby.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Coming in at last place, but certainly not by any means the least appealing, is San Jose, Located in Costa Rica. You might be thinking that you’ve never heard the words Costa Rica and gambling in the same sentence before, but that would be a cruel disservice to this beautiful part of the world. Costa Rica boasts over 30 casinos in the area, which is more than Reno, if you’ve been paying attention.

The most attractive aspect of Costa Rica, however, is the exchange rate, which means that you’re bound to be getting more bang for your buck than any other location on this list. Plus, the rustic beauty of Costa Rica means that you’ll be surrounded by some of the most scenic tropical beauty you could hope for.

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