What Your Favourite Casino Game Says About You

Summing up a person based on the games they play may seem a bit rash and a clear generalisation of a person’s essential traits. There are a lot of commonalities however related to the nature of the games being played, and the type of person that will find success in those games.

Let’s look at a few popular games and what they say about players.

Slots Players

One of the most popular online casino games is slots. They share the same popularity in brick and mortar casinos as they do online, but this does not mean that online slot players enjoy conformity. If you love playing online slots games, chances are you are playing for fun. Online slots form a middle ground between table games and instant win games. Modern online slots usually feature a host of mini games, eye-catching graphics and sound and simple to grasp game mechanics.

Online slots are often for casual players who enjoy being entertained while they play. If you are an online slots fan you may possibly be introverted, but fun loving.

Baccarat Players

Baccarat is a classy table game made popular by its appearance in early James Bond films. The game was replaced by Texas Hold’em in the post 2000 films, but baccarat still retains its image. Baccarat is a game of almost pure chance, so Baccarat fans may be all about the style and image of the casino.

They are often suave and debonair with an eye more on the ladies in the audience than the actual game itself. Speaking of the audience, Baccarat often draws a big one so if you are a fan of baccarat, you may also enjoy the limelight.

Blackjack Players

Blackjack is a simple to learn game that can take years to master fully. There is both an element of skill and an element of risk involved. Blackjack players often enjoy the risk involved in wagering and are often extroverts. Just like in other card games, patience is important as well as good judgement.

Blackjack players often cover the middle ground between the suave baccarat players and the analytical and serious poker players. A blackjack player is often more light hearted and takes the game less seriously. You sit down at a table and never know or care what the next hand to be dealt is. You simply take your seat and deal with each hand on its merits, until that pivotal moment when you make the perfect wager on the perfect hand.

Craps Players

Craps is the chosen game for the pure extrovert. This game is loud, wild and exuberant and provides both the ecstatic highs and disappointing lows you will see in films. This dice game is also a popular street corner game and the same personalities are drawn to it. Craps players are never afraid to risk it all and they are always running on full tilt.

Craps players also love the adoration of a big audience. They are in their element rolling the dice for a big cheering crowd and they love making other people happy. Craps players are often generous tippers and friendly to both staff and other players.

Roulette Players

Roulette, since its inception, has been a game popular with people from all social backgrounds; it beguiled both peasants and aristocracy since its early days in France. Roulette players are often slightly introverted like slot players but they share the keen analytical minds of poker players. They also share the spur of the moment exuberance associated with craps players.

Roulette players like to rely on their own skill and take confidence in their judgement. They also have the patience and strong will required to play for long stretches without losing faith in their gut instincts.

Roulette players also share a lot of traits with Baccarat players in that they enjoy the setting and atmosphere of the roulette table as much as they enjoy the game itself. Roulette also has some of the most complex and in-depth wagering available in the casino. Roulette players appreciate this added complexity and are often adept as making calculated risks.

Poker Players

Finally let’s take a look at the big dog of gaming, Poker. Poker players are definitely a special breed. One of the most famous poker players is the former US president, Richard Nixon. Albert Upton, who was a professor at Whittier College that Nixon attended, was famously quoted by a biographer stating that a man who cannot hold his own at a professional poker table is not fit to be president.

This says a lot about the average poker player. The game constitutes both keen interpersonal skills as well as an analytical mind that can make good judgements based on risk and strategy. Poker players are often introverted, patient and very intelligent.

What’s great about playing online is that you can enjoy every type of game and your personality won’t dictate the type of game you choose!

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