Withdrawing Funds from Your Casino Account

So it’s that time – the time you’ve been waiting for – the time to withdraw the type of amount that justifies a withdrawal. No two players are the same – one man’s withdrawal amount is another man’s chump change. Here’s the thing though, there is a difference between depositing and withdrawing and it has to do with timeframes. Put another way, a deposit takes seconds, maybe minutes, whereby a withdrawal takes 1 to 5 days. Don’t be alarmed; this is not a ploy on behalf of the casino to hold on to your money. A commonly held belief is that it’s quite convenient that any business, whether online or not, is quick to take your money, yet slow to return it. This is not the case within the online casino industry. The simple truth of the matter is that the banking procedures for deposits are different from those for withdrawals. Acknowledging and accepting this fact will result in better planning when you do play and this in turn can lead to more responsible playing as well.

The Withdrawal Procedure

The actual process of withdrawing funds at an online casino is as easy as depositing. There’s going to be a delay, but rest assured of this – you’re going to get paid – and sometimes waiting on money that you know is sure to arrive is not a bad thing. Why? Well for one thing, if you’ve cashed out a meaty amount of money, then the transit period means that you’re unlikely to put it back into the casino.  Most if not all online casinos have a pending period, usually of 24 hours. If you cash out on the weekend, then expect to wait until Monday for the funds to be released. There’s a belief that the 24-hour pending period is yet another ploy on behalf of the casino to hold the player’s funds in the hope that he or she will re-deposit and play it all back. This classic casino myth is quickly dispelled by the legalities of processing funds back to a player.  This 24-hour period is used to prevent fraud and if required, to confirm the identification of the player. This is all done in accordance with international banking standards and protocols.

1 to 5 Working Days is All it Takes

Once the 24-hour pending period is over, the funds are released from the casino and then it’s in the hands of the banks and various processors involved. For these reasons, your winnings could take anything between 1 to 5 working days to reach you. Some players have received their money within a day, others within 2, others within in 3 or 4 and in some cases, 5. The point of the matter is you can be pleasantly surprised by receiving your funds on Day 1 or you can endure what can only be deemed slight discomfort for a few days, followed by nothing short of pure bliss. At the end of the day, all roads are still going to lead to Rome.  There’s a lot at stake for online casinos that are slow to pay or who don’t pay at all – the infamous Rogue List of operators awaits that lot! The timeframe of 1 to 5 business days is the absolute best any good practicing online casino can achieve.

Take a Break while you Wait

A break from gaming activities – be it mobile casino (smartphone and tablets) or online casino (PC and Laptops) game play is never a bad idea. Yes, casinos love it when players return, but a good casino will also support responsible gaming initiatives and encourage its players to take breaks. What better a time to call it a night or a day while you’re waiting on your winnings to reflect in your bank account? Taking a break during such time means that you can return to the casino refreshed and ready to tackle that blackjack table. Alternatively, and if you cannot wait, then switch to your smartphone and partake in some mobile casino gaming. The thinking behind this is quite simple – smartphone use generally takes place in small bursts of time, thus the implication is that you’ll spend less time playing too. PC gaming usually encourages long stretches of playing whereby mobile gaming lessens the extent of financial expenditure.

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