The A-Z of Mobile Gaming

The A-Z of Mobile Gaming
Mobile casino gaming is the latest new trend to hit the iGaming world. While all the new-fangled lingo like ‘apps’, ‘Flash’ and ‘Java’ might come naturally to Millennials in particular, there are many new terms that online casino players may need to brush up on when switching to mobile play!

Check out the mobile casino glossary below to pick up all the knowledge you need to play mobile casino games like a pro.

App: A shorthand term for a mobile application. Mobile apps are designed to run on practically every mobile device on the market, including smartphones and tablets.

Autoplay: A mobile slots function that allows you to sit back and watch as the software spins the reels automatically.

Bankroll: Just like in online casinos, your mobile bankroll refers to the amount of cash you have in your mobile casino account.

Buy-in: You’ll come across this term often in mobile tournaments and bingo games. A buy-in fee is simply the amount you need to pay in order to enter a tournament, promotion or game.

Deposit Bonus: Also known as a welcome bonus, this is the bonus cash that your mobile casino will award you once you’ve made your first cash deposit.

Flash: Flash is a software platform that allows online casino games to run through your mobile browser. This is the application that makes smooth graphics, animations and features possible, as well as streaming for mobile live dealer casino games!

Free Spins: Every mobile slots player loves being rewarded with free spins. These spins give you a number of chances to spin the reels for free, while still being able to win generous jackpots in the process.

Fruit Machines: Fruities, or fruit machines, are common terms for classic 3-reel mobile slots. True to their name, these games often have fruit-themed symbols just like the slot machines of yesteryear.

Full Site-view: This feature allows you to display a casino’s full desktop version on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

GPRS: This mobile data service runs on 2G or 3G networks. You’ll generally need a 3G or HSDPA network for the fastest mobile gaming experience.

Java: This mobile platform is used to power applications like games. Java is downloaded directly to your mobile device assisted by its built-in web browser.

Mobile Browser: A web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera that you use from your mobile.

Loyalty Points: These points allow you to enjoy big casino rewards once they’ve accumulated. Be sure to join your mobile casinos loyalty programme for the most benefits!

Platform: Any piece of software that helps to launch or run mobile casino apps and games.

QR Code: Quick Response Codes have a far greater capacity than traditional barcodes. They’re used in the casino industry to provide links to mobile casino sites when scanned using your smartphone or tablet.

Reload Bonus: A mobile casino bonus you may receive when you make continuous cash deposits into your account.

Smartphone: Any modern mobile phone that’s powered by a popular operating system like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian or BlackBerry.

SMS: A text message used by mobile casinos to send promotion reminders and other important, personalised details.

Tablet: A mobile device with a touch screen that’s usually larger than a smartphone. Just like smartphones, tablets also run on major operating systems like iOS and Android.

WAP: Wireless Application Protocol is used by your tablet or phone to access a wireless mobile network.

Web Apps: These are similar to mobile apps, except that there are no downloads or installations required. You can access web apps directly from your mobile browser.

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