Keno at JackpotCity Casino

Get your tickets for one of the world’s greatest lottery-style games and play your lucky Keno numbers at JackpotCity casino.

Play the game also known as Chinese Lottery at JackpotCity and you’ll have the choice of playing just for fun, or for massive real money jackpots. JackpotCity casino is powered by Microgaming, so you can be sure of premium quality games that play the way they’re supposed to.

We’ve got Flash versions of the game and we even have options for playing Keno on your smartphone or tablet, so you can take all the action and excitement with you, wherever you go.


Play in Browser

We want you to enjoy Keno games that fit into your lifestyle, so we’ve given you a choice of options for playing at your leisure. All you need to do is pick the playing option that best suits your particular requirements.

To enjoy instant gaming on pretty much any computer with an active Internet connection, choose our casino’s browser based games. They’ve been developed with Flash technology compatible with Windows and other operating systems, so you can play them in browser with just a click of your mouse.

We also feature Keno optimised for mobile, so that you can enjoy this instant win game on the go.

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Play for Real Money Keno Jackpots

Easy to play and boasting fantastic odds, online Keno is the perfect game to play if you’re looking for a simple way to try land spectacular payouts. At JackpotCity you can enjoy the rush of playing for real money jackpots safely and securely. Our 24-hour banking service is protected by high tech SSL data encryption technology. This means you can make deposits without worrying about criminals accessing your money or any personal details you submit, because they can’t.

You can fund your account in browser or via our casino software, using reliable methods of payment such as e-wallets, bank transfer, prepaid cards, and major credit cards.

How to Play Keno Online

The games you can play at JackpotCity casino are designed with ease and convenience in mind. The biggest difficulty most players face when they have a go at online Keno is deciding how much to bet, and which tickets to take.

Being a lottery-style game, you would need to select and submit numbers, and then wait and see if the numbers you chose come up in the results. At the start of the game, you need to set your bet amount using the Plus and Minus buttons, and then choose the ticket you want. You could take a straight ticket, which allows a straight number selection, or you could take a way ticket, which allows you to place multiple bets.

You could also take a combination Keno tickets, which allows you to place a number of straight bets.

Once you’ve selected your ticket, you can select up to 15 numbers from between one and 80. When you’ve chosen all the numbers you want to play, you need to submit it by selecting the Submit or Play button.

A certified random number generator will then produce results, and the software will check your numbers against the results. If enough numbers match, you will receive a payout!

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Online Keno Odds

The payouts in Keno are determined by the number of accurate selections you’ve made. There’s nothing tricky about the gameplay, and the odds and payouts are surprisingly good.

In some games, you could receive a three-to-one payout for one correct number, an 11-to-one payout for three correct numbers, a 7750-to-one payout for six correct numbers, and a phenomenal 200 000-to-one payout for eight correct numbers.

Quality Online Keno Software

The Microgaming Keno games you can enjoy for free or for real money at JackpotCity Casino are more than just easy to play. They also offer compelling entertainment packed with vibrant graphics, entertaining sound effects, and seamless animations.

There’s no getting frustrated with lagging ticket submissions or results, because our games also boast smooth, sleek playing action.

Origins of Keno

The early prototype of Keno first appeared during the Han Dynasty in China. It appears to have been the brainchild of Cheung Leung, who used it as a wartime fundraiser.

The game caught on and spread rapidly, and was eventually taken to America by 19th century immigrants. First played on paper sheets printed with Chinese characters, it was soon adapted for its new audience by replacing the characters with numbers.

Enjoy classic Keno for the digital age at JackpotCity casino online and see if your lucky numbers have what it takes to make you a winner! 

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