Mobile Roulette at Its Finest On the Move

At Jackpot City online casino Ireland, we bring you the biggest and the best games from around the world. For those who enjoy card and table style fun, there is nothing better than getting stuck into a game of Roulette. With its large betting table and classic round wheel, it is the staple of any decent land-based casino; and a popular game for online and mobile players.

For players in Ireland, we stock a wide range of variations to suit just about every taste. If you want to experience the magic of gaming on the go and at home, we suggest our classic mobile version.

For those who are new to the mobile scene, mobile games offer the same exciting online casino experience, the same game quality and the same big win opportunities, with the added benefit of being able to play anywhere, anytime. Whether you play via the web based site or via the app, you can experience all the action and real winning opportunities.

Get to grips with the Little Wheel

Mobile Roulette might seem different to the standard online or land-based game, but it is actually played in exactly the same way. The layout looks a little different, as there is less space to display the entire betting table and the wheel in one place, so the two are split.

In all other ways, it is exactly the same. The aim is to predict which numbered pocket the ball will drop into once the wheel stops spinning. Unlike Blackjack though, a player cannot influence the results once the betting is done. And this makes it all the more exhilarating!

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How It Works

The setup is quite simple. There are two parts to the game.

Firstly, you have the betting table where all the bets are placed, and secondly you have the large wheel that is spun to determine the outcome. While there are while there are many different versions of the game such as Lightning Roulette, the classic European version is the most popular and the one we can use for our example. With the European version, the wheel is divided into 37 slots and numbered from 1 to 36. Each slot is coloured in red or black with the final slot reserved for the 0 and coloured in green.

Basic Betting Options

Unlike many other card and table casino games, all the betting is completed at the start of the round and from thereon, there is nothing to do but hope you have the winning numbers and the luck of the Irish!

Betting can be split into various categories with outside and inside bets, straight up bets and corners. For anyone just starting out, the easiest bets to place are the even money bets. These include the red/black, odds/evens or high/low bets.

With these bets, you are betting that the ball will drop onto a red number or an odd number or the lower half of the table numbers. A winning result will pay out 1:1 or even money. If you are looking for a slightly higher payout, you may want to try columns or dozens. This is where the 36 numbers are split into 3 sections of 12. The payouts are higher but the risk is also higher.

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Advanced Bets for Bigger Wins

For more experienced online casino players, there are the single number bets, straight up bets, multiples, corners and expanded bets. With most of these, the green 0 acts as the house edge. If the ball lands on the green, the bet is lost. Once you have placed all your bets, you can tap on the spin button. The wheel will spin, the ball will drop and if you have any winning bets, they will be paid out accordingly.

Sign up for a thrilling little wheel experience and enjoy the best in online casino Ireland entertainment on the move!

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