What Is A Welcome Bonus for a Online Casino?

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One of the main reasons that so many people switch from land-based casinos to online casinos is the sheer value for money that online casinos offer members. One of the main areas of saving is with regards to travel and accommodation. Players can also usually expect to receive a generous Welcome Bonus from the online casino when they sign up for a new account. Players who would like to know how to sign up for a new account at JackpotCity online casino can learn all about it here.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Welcome Bonuses and what they involve then keep reading below.

It Is A Competitive World

Online casino gaming is gaining new fans every day. Almost any Internet enabled device can nowadays access online casinos and offer a great gaming experience.

This also means that more and more online casinos are starting up to meet the demand of a growing audience. This is where Welcome Bonus offers have stepped in to act as a way to advertise and promote a casino. Welcome Bonuses differ from casino to casino as a means of trying to be competitive. This makes it worth shopping around to find a bonus that speaks to your particular tastes.

Welcome Bonuses come in a variety of forms, but all are designed to offer members an enticing cash bonus when they make their first deposit into their player account.

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Why Welcome Bonuses Exist

You may be asking yourself, how can the casino be giving away money for nothing? And the answer is that they are not. Welcome Bonuses are essentially a marketing cost factored into the casino’s earnings and overheads.

Casinos expect that most players will play spend over-and-above their initial Welcome Bonus, which means that everything after is just profit. There is of course always the chance that some lucky players will walk away with more than then spent, but the majority will not.

The Benefits of Welcome Bonuses

Just because most players will spend more than they make, this doesn’t mean that Welcome Bonuses are worthless. They are still a great way to get players in the door and can help new players explore the casino offerings with a little extra cash to risk.

If you were planning on spending money at the casino anyway then having more money to bet with is obviously a big positive. Having more cash to play with will allow you to play for longer, and generally speaking the longer you play the better your chances of winning in the long term.

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The Form Bonuses Take

So, what must you do to qualify for Welcome Bonuses? The specific requirements can vary between casinos. These offers are created and promoted by each casino individually so you won’t get the same deals everywhere. There are two types of casino Welcome Bonuses. These are called deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses are sometimes referred to as match bonuses and are the most common type of Welcome Bonus you’ll find. These types of bonuses are unlocked only after registering for an account and depositing money into it. Often the bonus will be rewarded at a fixed percentage of your deposit. So, if a casino offers a 50% match bonus for example, then they will provide 50% of your total deposit back as a bonus. This means that if you deposit $100, then they will give you an extra $50 to play with, bringing your total to $150.

No-deposit bonuses are generally less common and are given without any need for a deposit. However, there is a trade off as these are usually less generous than match bonuses. They are sometimes a good way to test out an online casino Canada without risking any of your own money. Do keep in mind that you will likely not be able to withdraw any of your winnings until you have met the wagering requirements.

It’s important to remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to Welcome Bonuses. Larger bonuses sometimes come with stricter requirements that some players might want to avoid. It’s best to look over the terms of a Welcome Bonus before deciding to go ahead with it.

Bonuses at JackpotCity

When it comes to a Jackpot City bonus we offer generous match bonuses on each of your first four deposits into your account. Each of these offers matches your deposit 100% up to $400. These add up to an enticing $1600 in total, more than enough to give you a good start. We also offer a number of other promotions like free spins, daily deals and redeemable loyalty points to keep things interesting.

Your first step will be to create and register a membership with us. Once you have a valid account you will need to make your first cash deposit into that account so that you can get in on real money gaming action.

If your first deposit meets a minimum requirement as set out in our terms and conditions, then you will be eligible for a cash bonus that will be added to your account. At JackpotCity online casino you have up to 7 days to claim your bonus.

If you have more questions regarding our Welcome Bonuses, then check out our FAQ page. Someone might already have asked your question before.

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The Terms and Conditions

Reputable online casinos will supply a link to their terms and conditions page that will set out the guidelines for the Welcome Bonus offers.

It is an absolute must that you read through these documents and make sure you understand what the play-through requirements are for the Welcome Bonus. Claiming one of these bonuses is a win-win situation for both you and the casino, and you can use them to your advantage to get your gaming off to a great start!

One of the most common terms and conditions to watch out for is regarding wagering requirements. Wagering requirements stipulate a certain amount of money you must bet before you are able to begin withdrawing your winnings.

Wagering requirements will often stipulate something like “20x your bonus”. This means that you will need to make wagers that add up to 20x the amount you were rewarded. In this case if you were rewarded with $100 then you will need to have wagered a total of $2000 before you’re eligible to withdraw your money.

If an online casino doesn’t offer these terms and conditions, then it’s probably best to avoid them. At an online casino Canada like JackpotCity all the particulars of our Welcome Bonus offers are found on our terms and conditions page.

We Want To Welcome You

If a Welcome Bonus sounds like the kind of thing that appeals to you then a generous Jackpot City bonus awaits. To access this bonus all you need to do it sign up for a JackpotCity account and fund your account. Your bonus will automatically get added to your account and be ready for you to use right away.

With excellent customer service, trusted account security, and over 500 exciting gaming titles to choose from, we provide so many ways to make the most of your Welcome Bonus.

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