How Casinos Handle Live Dealer Errors

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It does not happen often but when mistakes occur during a game of chance, they understandably cause confusion. At any professionally run live casino in Canada, there should be an established set of guidelines that both live dealers and players can follow when an error occurs. This helps to give players the confidence to know that they will be dealt with fairly in the event of an unforeseen problem. It also allows the live dealer to carry on knowing that he or she is not solely responsible for sorting out issues. The live casino experience should be one that is based on fun and a relaxing environment. If a live dealer is under pressure because he or she knows that any minor error will lead to a big problem, then the right ambiance will never be maintained. That's why live blackjack or roulette games should always be overseen by a higher authority than the dealer themselves. So, what would happen if you were unlucky enough to be playing a live table game and the dealer were to screw up?

The Role of the Pit Boss

As mentioned, genuine mistakes can happen in any walk of life. When they occur in a live casino situation, however, even very small errors can seem much bigger than they really are. If a dealer drops a ball before a roulette spin or exposes a card at a blackjack table that should have been face down, then players can be justifiably concerned. In professional casinos, a pit boss will monitor all of the activities that are going on in around such games. Dropped cards, for example, will be checked so that if one croupier makes repeated errors they can be removed. In larger establishments, there are so-called floormen who act in a supervisory role for all of the live croupiers and dealers. It is the pit boss – also sometimes referred to as the pit manager – who oversees both the dealers and the floormen.

This system means that minor errors are usually dealt with quickly and efficiently by floormen. If a card is shown too early, for example, then you can expect a floorman to intervene and put matters right. In more serious cases, such as when there are duplicate cards discovered during a game when there should be none, the pit boss will be called in. Players should know that part of the of a pit boss's remit is to ensure that cheating is not going on. However, it is also a role that means reassuring the public that the casino itself is operating in a fair and open manner. Given that no casino – no matter how experienced and skilled its dealers are – can rule out all incidents and errors, employing a knowledgable pit boss is the next best thing they can do.

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Do You Need to Call the Pit Boss?

Players of live casino games in Canada can call the pit boss if they think there has been an issue that has not been resolved properly. It is important to know, however, that the pit boss is not a customer service manager. Think that you have not received quick enough service? Has your beverage been prepared for you in a way that you did not request? These are not issues for the pit boss who needs to be keeping a careful watch on all of the table games that are in progress at a casino at any one time. If you have a complaint about service, then you can make your sentiments known but the pit boss won't address these for you.

In addition, pit bosses are not there to sort out account issues for you. Many players of live casino games will have questions about accessing their funds or loading their account with further credit. Sometimes, these processes are not as smooth as they should be. That said, they are not live gaming matters and you will need to take up such issues with another member of the casino's staff because distracting the pit boss with such enquiries may mean that other live casino games are not being properly monitored.

Sometimes, players will feel they are on a 'lucky streak' with a certain dealer. This can lead to players feeling aggrieved when the liver dealer is changed. The reason for this is to keep dealers alert and on their toes so that accidents don't occur. It is not to upset players or to annoy them. Again, your dealer being changed is normal casino practice and not something to complain to the pit boss about.

Common Live Dealer Errors

You can call the pit boss to your game if you think something is truly amiss. Simply ask the floorman or the dealer at your table. When it comes to online casinos, you can usually do the same by opening the chat function on your screen. Live dealers may do this for you anyway if they have made an error that needs to be resolved. In the main, experienced dealers don't deal out of order or drop cards. This can happen if the croupier is new to their job or particularly nervous for some reason. Incorrect shuffling is also rare but can happen when a dealer is distracted or coping with a busy table. If you really want to avoid potential errors, then choose a table with a fresh dealer who isn't already servicing lots of other players.

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