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Players of today’s online casino games can enjoy a fascinating experience provided by a modern industry but casino software has had to evolve to reach this stage of maturity. Back in the early 90s, it might take anything up to three hours just to complete one game, and both audio and graphics were low quality. As the millennium approached, the first improvement was to create multiplayer games downloadable packages to improve the online gaming experience. Once casinos learned how to harness the power of the Internet, live poker dealers arrived in 2003 and online gaming improved fast and gathered a lot of new fans. In 2005, the next major development was producing gaming software which was mobile friendly, and once this was refined and came of age in 2013, online gaming then surged to new unprecedented levels of popularity.

And now the online casino product is a superb package showcasing flawless games and incorporating the latest technologies. However, this is now a very competitive environment in which cutting edge technologies are forever emerging and changing the gambling landscape. So all online casinos in Canada need to stay up to date with their casino software otherwise they risk falling behind in a field where new thrills and excitement count for everything.

Online casino games software

Just like gaming console manufacturers, online casinos don’t develop their own software games. They outsource the task to a variety of specialist games developers who create the games. This is a practical and cost-effective solution which has allowed the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and others to develop into major businesses within today’s gaming industry. Canada too has a number of leading software games developers including 3 Oak Gaming, Aberrant Software, Blaze Soft, GaleWind Software, Jackpot Digital and others.

It’s the task of experienced engineers and designers to create entertaining games from simple blueprints and Photoshop images. This demands facility in programming languages such as C and C++, familiarity with integrated development environments such as Turbo C++, and the ability to use tools such as Windows SDK ( a software development kit used to develop software applications for Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework).

As well as creating the graphic environment and programming the software, the games development process involves putting together an audio track of music and sound effects, as well as executing quality control and software testing and refinement to remove any possible bugs. And at the heart of any gaming software, there is a random number generator. This vital piece of equipment must generate entirely random sequences to contribute the essential element of chance which makes online casino games such a thrilling experience.

Types of online casino software

Casino gaming software can be divided into two categories: First, there is casino software which can be accessed for gameplay in any web browser without the need for downloads, while the second category offers gaming experiences which can only be accessed by downloading and then installing some kind of separate client program. In addition to these two options, many online casinos now feature games where customers may choose whether to play via online flash-technology, or else download their own software version.

Canadian online casinos also have to cater for a rapidly growing mobile-access market. Although the games are usually the same, in each case the software must be mobile-optimized so that it functions in almost exactly the same way as access via computer. This requires careful refinement to accommodate the mobile world of small screens and touch navigation. More specialist kinds of software are required to support the latest developments such as participation in live dealer games as well as game environments utilising AR and VR technologies.

Things to consider when choosing an online casino software

When choosing which online casino software to use, it’s important to remember that in many respects your global audience will have different tastes. Some may prefer slot games which reflect, for example, Asian cultures, while Canada audiences and others may want a broader mix as well as access to online versions of traditional casino games. As mentioned, there is a growing market for gaming experiences driven by newly emerging technologies. Such choices will do much to establish the ‘character’ of each particular online casino.

While the style of games a casino offers is an important element, the companies who supply the games are equally vital to success. Some long-established companies, like Microgaming for instance, will have titles that will appeal to audiences on brand reputation alone. On the other hand, a new game by a cutting-edge start-up may take the market by storm, even though they may have no reputation of any kind.

The Random Number Generator

An essential part of player confidence is the knowledge that all Canada online casino games are scrupulously fair. This function is performed by the RNG (random number generator) component of every software game. From a technical perspective, the RNG generates a continuous stream of random numbers which a game uses to perform spins and other random functions. This process can never be externally interfered with, so the process is entirely a matter of chance. And just to ensure it always remains that way, reputable online casinos are regularly audited for fairness by independent international regulators.

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