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Flying is something we take for granted these days, and it's something many of us just don't like. Although it's statistically proven that it's safer than driving, the idea of being in the air and knowing that when it goes south, it's definitely over is the biggest deterrent to flying. Have we just become an exhausted species, unfazed by anything that makes technology easier to overcome? Are we not at all impressed by the fact that hundreds of us are sitting in a pressurized chamber 35,000 feet above the ground, whizzing through the air at an average speed of 900 km / h? Is this act, which is nothing short of a miracle and a true testament to human ingenuity, no longer good enough for us? Perhaps yes, and perhaps that is why movies are played, meals are served, online slot machines are played, peanuts are free, always just an air hostess away. But flying is not only appropriately peppered with these distractions, it is also a tiresome business, especially when travelling internationally. Is it any wonder that in-flight casinos have been proposed as part of the flying experience?

Casino Jets: A Feasible Option?

Casino Playing games on an airplane is ultimately what has been proposed and, to some extent, what has been done in the past. Winnings have proven that casinos are big business and that it is usually very helpful to have these gambling palaces as a complement to a hotel. So why not integrate the experience casino as part of the flight experience? Many airlines already offer some kind of Internet access, so who knows if it will really take off, one day you might find yourself on board online games like Casino Games Canada Airlines, Flight 2-0-1-6. But that is what has actually happened: back in 1981, Singapore Airlines was one of the first airlines to take gambling seriously and even offered slot machines on one of its passenger airlines. It was seen more as an experiment, and it didn't take long for the airline to cash in its tokens and remove the games. Virgin Atlantic brought the concept of actual casino gambling closer to its customers when it found success in providing stand-up bars on its aircraft. The idea at the time was to add casinos on board, but the idea sat on the runway and has not yet been put into practice. More recently, as a super-low-cost airline, Ryanair has toyed with the idea of allowing gambling on its flights, but that too remains to be seen.

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High-End Concepts

The most ambitious idea so far comes from French aviation designers AirJet Design and Designescence. Both companies have teamed up to create a casino Jet Lounge that they believe is certainly at stake and in the future of aviation. AirJet founder Jean-Pierre Alfano believes that a casino lounge will primarily function as a social space for passengers. In other words, the idea of doing something else in the aircraft will be the attraction, namely socializing and perhaps even fraternizing with the possibility of bringing in more money for the airline. It might be easier to get approval from the aviation authorities, as Swissair had already installed gambling software in 1990 that allowed bets of up to $350. However, in 1998, after one of their planes crashed, it emerged that the cause was the on-board entertainment system. More recently, and with the release of the jumbo A380, the idea of on-board gambling has resurfaced, with big players such as Richard Branson championing the cause.

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