Is Playing At An Online Casino In Canada Safe?

Security at online casinos; JackpotCity Casino Blog
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The Internet can be a dangerous place, there is no question about it. With fraudsters, phishing schemes, fake gambling sites and hackers, it is almost enough to cause a panic. So when you play an online casino in Canada, is there any real guarantee of safety? In short, yes... but there is more to it!

Trusted, licensed gambling sites go to great lengths when it comes to player security. Exceptional measures are taken to ensure not only that sensitive information is kept secure, but that every single transaction is backed by state-of-the-art encryption technology.

On the other hand, it is partly up to Canadian players to ensure that they play on trusted sites such as JackpotCity Casino. Although they have become increasingly rare, there are still scams that will disappear unexpectedly with your money.

Let us now take a look at how security is handled in casinos and understand some of the security measures that have been put in place.

Licenses Explained

Every Canadian player will probably have heard the term operating license. But what exactly is a license, does every online casino in Canada have one, and how exactly does it help?

Each region of the world has its own legislative approach to gaming licences. If an operator wishes to provide services in this region, they must obtain a valid licence, which in turn means that they must obtain an operating licence.

In order to qualify, this organization undergoes a rigorous audit process that ensures that each part of the business complies with the regulations. There is no falsification or circumvention of this audit process, so that each company that passes the audit is fully compliant with the laws of a particular region.

General Terms and Conditions

Yes, an online casino in Canada is required to follow the letter of the law. That's all well and good, but what does the site do with your personal information? How can you be sure it is secure?

Each region also has its own data privacy laws, and an operator is required to comply with those laws, which means that every bit of information sent, such as bank account information and other details, is stored, processed and accessed safely and securely.

If there is any question about what the specific privacy laws are or how data is handled, these are the Terms of Use. Every online casino in Canada has terms of use, and they can be read by anyone who wants to see them.

Safe and secure online casinos; JackpotCity Casino Blog
Source: pxfuel

Realtime Security

As for the casino games, the entire security network is a joint venture. Websites do not own the casino games they offer, but rather provide a portal through which to access the software. Therefore, it is just as important to check the software providers as the reputation of the casino itself.

There are a number of highly respected, highly reliable iGaming developers in the world, all of whom have an impeccable reputation. Some of the biggest names in the industry include Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution.

eCOGRA is one of the best online technology companies in the industry, and any site with an authorization stamp can almost be considered airtight, and yes, JackpotCity Casino was also supported by eCOGRA!

RNG In Games

What about the mechanics of the games themselves? How can we be sure that every game is really fair? How can we prove that the gameplay is not manipulated, deceives the player, or otherwise does not work properly?

Online gambling uses one of the best online technologies of the modern age, the random number generator RNG.

RNG is a software system designed from the ground up to be completely, 100% unbiased. Hundreds of thousands of seed numbers are used to quickly generate hundreds of numbers per second. These numbers are always generated regardless of whether they are actually called. If a system needs a number, one of hundreds is used.

Neither the makers of RNG, nor those who maintain it, have any idea what happens inside the software once it is set in motion. There is no way to influence what numbers are generated at any point in time, or to know what calls are made.

In addition, the core mechanics of the casino gaming software has been made open source, which means that software engineers from all over the world can freely see what is going on behind the scenes and inspect the data to their heart's content. It has of course been repeatedly confirmed that the systems are 100% fair and not biased or manipulated in any way.

Now that you know what makes a safe online casino experience, you can sign up and play with complete peace of mind.

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