Online Baccarat at JackpotCity Casino

Online baccarat is one of the oldest online casino games in existence. It has simple rules that are easy to follow, regardless of the level of expertise you have. The main goal is to bet on the hand of cards that is closest to the number 9. Players can wager either on the Player or the Banker, each of whom gets two cards. At JackpotCity Casino, players can enjoy different variations of baccarat in the form of video baccarat, live baccarat, and baccarat on mobile.

Baccarat Variations

You can find all of the following versions of baccarat and other online casino games at JackpotCity Casino New Zealand:

The variations of this game differ in terms of the number of players allowed to sit at the table, the method of dealing, as well as who the banker is and how the cards are dealt. Each of these features brings something different to the game, which is why each variation is so entertaining. Punto Banco is the most commonly available version online, as software providers use those rules in game development regularly. But Kiwis can also enjoy Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. 

How to Play Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the most popular version amongst online players thanks to the design of the game, which enables players to bet against the dealer as opposed to each other. This variation is typically reserved for large tables that host 12–14 players, which heightens the competition and thrills.

  • The croupier deals cards from 6–8 decks in most iterations of this version.
  • The player in the first seat to the croupier’s right draws four cards and gives them to the dealer, who places them on the table—one for the player and one for the banker, repeating this process once.
  • If one of the hands gets a natural 8 or 9, meaning the initial two cards add up to those numbers, that card wins automatically. However, if two hands have 8 and 9, the one with 9 wins.
  • Alternatively, if neither has a natural hit, both the player and the banker can keep drawing.

Baccarat Banque Explained

Baccarat Banque is the original banking casino baccarat version of the game. The dealer sits in the middle of two conjoined tables that are placed between 10 and 16 players. The player with the highest stake is considered the banker, and he sits opposite the dealer, though his role is just for show.

  • The croupier deals one hand to the Player box and another one to the Banker box, which totals up to two hands on the table. If there is a natural eight or nine in any of the hands, all the cards are turned, and if there is no natural hit, the players and the dealer can choose to draw more cards.
  • The odds in this game may change depending on the number of hands at play. For example, there is a version of Baccarat Banque titled Baccarat of the Two Tables. The main difference between the original and this variation is in the way the cards are dealt.
  • Baccarat of the Two Tables involves three hands. One hand for the player box on the right, one for the player box on the left, and one hand for the banker box, because there are three hands in play that bettors can wager on, that changes the odds and makes this variation slightly riskier.
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Baccarat Strategy

Learning how to potentially win at online baccarat includes knowing a few tactics. While this is a fairly straightforward card game with rules that are simple to follow, there are several strategies that you can employ to improve your gameplay. Here are a few online Baccarat tips that can help you choose a strategy for your next baccarat session:

  • Bet with the banker: First and foremost, betting with the banker ensures that the player has the best possible odds of winning, even with the banking commission.
  • Avoid tie bets: Seasoned vets tend to avoid tie bets as they have the worst odds.
  • Avoid all-in bets: Although they seem enticing, all-in bets in a baccarat game are better left to the professionals. Newbies should stay away from them and devise a different strategy that won’t damage their budget significantly.
  • Go for pair bets: Pair bets have the best payout ratio—11:1. This strategy means that you focus solely on Player or Banker pairs.
  • Use the James Bond strategy: As this is the secret agent’s favorite game, it’s only natural that there’d be a tactic with his name on it. Here, you split your cash into three parts: one for the Banker, one for the Player, and the third for the Tie. The Banker gets the biggest amount, the Player gets the second-biggest, and you place the lowest amount on Tie.

Potential Payouts

Players should know how each hand pays out if they win. Here are the three common outcomes:

  • Betting on a winning Player's hand guarantees 1:1 odds, which means that if you bet NZ$50, you get your NZ$50 back and an additional NZ$50, equaling NZ$100.
  • By wagering NZ$50 on a winning Banker’s hand, you receive your NZ$50 wager back, in addition to NZ$47.50, there is a 5% commission.
  • If you bet on a tie, they face 8:1 odds.

How to Play Baccarat at JackpotCity

At JackpotCity Casino, we offer players from New Zealand various baccarat titles that are easily accessible.

  1. Simply login or sign up on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the search bar in the lobby and search for your favorite baccarat game.
  3. You can also access the live dealer category for live baccarat games.
  4. After you choose a title and open it, there is only one more step to start playing—select the bet you want to place and either click Deal or wait for the betting period to expire.
  5. The main bets that can be placed are either on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand, or a Tie.
  6. The one closest to 9 wins.

Mobile Compatibility

JackpotCity Casino is a modern gaming platform that has full mobile optimization for all of its features, including the baccarat game selection. Players can access the platform via a mobile browser as long as they have a stable internet connection, which enables them to play titles such as Switch Baccarat and so much more. Alternatively, they can download the iOS app from the App Store or directly get the APK file for Android devices from the site. Both apps are free to download and have great user reviews.

Safety and Security

JackpotCity Casino operates in accordance with the rules and regulations set by an internationally acclaimed regulatory body. Our games are also eCOGRA-certified. Payment methods such as MuchBetter, Skrill, Visa, and Mastercard only boost player protection measures. These banking options are not only reliable and efficient, but they all employ their own security tools to shield the bettors from potential intrusion.

Moreover, players can rely on cutting-edge SSL encryption technology that is designed to keep their data and funds safe. Finally, we place a special emphasis on responsible gambling. We offer a myriad of internal and external responsible gaming tools, such as cooling-off periods and deposit limits. Of course, if players feel like they need to put some distance between themselves and online gaming, they can always choose to deactivate their account. All of this, in addition to the quality and variety of the game content, makes JackpotCity Casino an excellent choice for online baccarat.

Online Baccarat FAQ's

How to play baccarat online?

You can play baccarat online by accessing our JackpotCity Casino games lobby, which contains an assortment of video and live dealer baccarat games.

How to win at baccarat online?

Baccarat is a game of luck first and foremost, but there are certain methods players can choose to use to improve their winning chances. They can strive to place wagers on the Banker's hand, as it has the best payout percentage, or avoid Tie bets, as these have the worst odds.

Is online baccarat rigged?

No, it is not. Baccarat is not a rigged online casino game. Players have excellent chances of winning and can choose to follow the strategy guidelines provided in this guide.

Where to play baccarat online in New Zealand?

Players can enjoy an assortment of baccarat games at JackpotCity Casino. There are live dealer titles with immersive features, in addition to video baccarat in the table games section.