Video Poker Excellence at JackpotCity Casino

Video Poker doesn’t have as long a history as many other casino games; it was introduced in the late 1970s when processing units began to be able to handle the new video technology. After proving very popular in land-based establishments it was just as much of a hit online, and if you’re in New Zealand the best casino for you to enjoy the games at is most definitely JackpotCity. Besides online pokies, JackpotCity Casino's casino games selection is diverse with live poker variations like:

  • Live 3 Card Poker
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Live Casino Hold Em
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold Em

Video Poker Brings Strategy and Instant Wins Together

Whether engaging in land-based or online gambling players love the unique blend of elements in these casino games. They play out very fast, and are almost like pokies or online scratch cards in that way, but at the same time they add tactical factors that make them a little like Blackjack and other card games.

Enjoy these games at our online casino for their own, highly worthwhile, rewards, or as a way of getting used to the hand rankings that are used in standard table Poker games. Once you are familiar with these, you can advance to the much more complex card games. And, of course, you can keep enjoying the stellar Video Poker titles at JackpotCity.

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The Bare Essentials of Video Poker

This has proven to be such a popular form of entertainment that many variations have arisen. You can play several of them, including the original Jacks or Better, at our casino online. We know you’ll love discovering the differences in all of them and choosing your favourite, but to get you started we’ve got the basics outlined here.

The objective is always to get the best 5-card hand possible, according to standard Poker rankings. The different games might prioritise various combinations or allow certain cards to act as Wilds. To start, you place a bet of up to 5 coins.

You’ll then be dealt 5 cards from a single deck which will appear on your screen at the same time, giving the games their instant-play edge that is reminiscent of pokies games. At this point the strategy elements kick in, and you get to decide what move to make as you work to create a better hand.

The Moves You Can Make

The other way that these games are simpler than their table Poker counterparts are that you can only make a single move. You can exchange as many or as few of your original cards as you want to, and get replacements from the same deck, but you have to do it all at the same time.

You can’t wait to see what happens and then Raise or Fold as you can in Poker, or keep Hitting as you can with our games of Blackjack online. Once you’ve made your decision and any of the cards you chose have been exchanged, the round is over.

There are strategy charts that show you exactly which cards to exchange and which to keep, no matter what you are dealt. These can help you win more, and get better-acquainted with what is good in table Poker games too. You’ll be paid out according to how much you put down in the first place, and what is in your final hand.

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Well Worth Playing at JackpotCity

Like all our titles, our Video Poker games are supplied by Microgaming which means they deliver everything you could want at a casino online. Their functionality and graphics are flawless, and their regular payouts are impressively large.

You also get to choose between several varieties of the casino games such as exciting Baccarat, and can even play multi-hand versions when you feel like a little extra challenge or excitement. Register in your preferred browser and see for yourself how satisfying these simple games can be!

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