Video Bingo Online For NZ Players

Welcome to the thrilling world of video bingo online and a captivating addition to the casino games at Jackpot City. With hugely entertaining and potentially rewarding gameplay, video bingo delivers a unique and engaging experience, whether you’re on PC or mobile – let’s take a closer look.

Popular Video Bingo Games Available For You 

What Is Video Bingo?

Video bingo is a dynamic blend of traditional bingo and exciting video game elements. The key distinction between online video bingo games and standard online bingo lies in their presentation and gameplay. While traditional bingo typically replicates the familiar format of physical bingo cards and numbers being called, online video bingo games take a more dynamic and visually immersive approach. Picture the classic game of bingo infused with vibrant graphics, immersive sound effects, and thrilling online video bingo bonuses like special features, unique patterns, and faster gameplay.

While it’s an exciting twist on the traditional bingo format, the aim of playing video bingo online remains the same – to fill your bingo card or ticket with patterns of numbers that offer the chance to win real prizes. Some games feature hosts and animated elements, while others concentrate on the core numbers, offering a diverse range of gameplay styles.

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Choose The Best Video Bingo Games For You

At Jackpot City we have a diverse selection of online video bingo games. Some embrace the traditional play format, while others push boundaries with contemporary twists and innovative betting options.

Reasons to play video bingo games online at Jackpot City include.

  • Simple and easy to play: Video bingo games are designed for players of all skill levels. Navigate effortlessly through your gaming experience as our video bingo games all have user-friendly interfaces that enhance your overall enjoyment and minimises any learning curve.
  • Varied choice of video bingo games: Explore a variety of themes, patterns, and game styles – from classic bingo to themed adventures, there's a game to suit every preference.
  • Theme and graphics: Delve into a world that captivates your senses – choose a video bingo game with themes and graphics that resonate with your personal style, whether it's exploring enchanted realms or diving into vibrant, dynamic environments.
  • Exciting bonus features: Enhance your gaming experience with online video bingo bonuses and features like free rounds, multipliers, or special patterns that unlock additional rewards.
  • Mobile compatibility: Enjoy the flexibility of playing anywhere, anytime – at Jackpot City our online video bingo games are optimised for mobile play, ensuring you can savour the excitement on the go.
  • Efficient payouts: Experience the excitement of seamlessly smooth payouts – Jackpot City ensures that any winnings are processed efficiently, allowing you to enjoy any potential rewards with minimum delay.


Other Casino Games You Can Choose From

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Online Video Bingo Tips

Unlock the full potential of online video bingo with these strategic tips to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Bankroll management: Set a budget for your gaming sessions and stick to it. Responsible gaming ensures a more enjoyable experience, so resist the temptation to chase wins or losses.
  • Explore bonus features: Familiarise yourself with the unique bonuses in each online video bingo game. From extra balls and jackpot rounds to distinctive patterns, these features can elevate your excitement and boost your winning potential.
  • Optimise playing time: Choose your playing time wisely – early mornings or late nights often feature fewer players, which could increase your chances of winning smaller jackpots.
  • Maximise card opportunities: Play with multiple cards to increase your chances of winning. With casino software auto dabbing your winning squares, you'll never miss out on a potential win.
  • Strategic card selection: While online video bingo is predominantly a game of chance, strategic card selection can still come into play. Choose your bingo cards thoughtfully, considering patterns and symbols that align with your strategy.
  • Play responsibly: While regular gameplay enhances your understanding of each game, always prioritise responsible gaming – remember, Jackpot City offers easy access to self -assessments, take-a-break options and setting deposit limits.


Enjoy Elite Video Bingo Online On Mobile

Experience the convenience of playing elite video bingo games on your mobile device at Jackpot City Casino. Our platform is optimised for seamless gameplay on various mobile platforms including Android and iOS, allowing you to enjoy your favourite games anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, our mobile-friendly interface ensures a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Embrace the flexibility of playing video bingo on the go and discover the joy of bingo online wherever you are.

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Popular Video Bingo Games

Explore the diverse and exciting world of our most popular online video bingo games at Jackpot City – some of which have been inspired by much-loved video pokies. Each game offers a unique theme, captivating graphics, and the potential for significant winnings.

Popular titles include the following:

  • Immortal Romance™ Video Bingo
  • Thunderstruck 2 Video Bingo
  • Break da Bank Again™ Video Bingo
  • American Gold Fever
  • Amazing Pharaoh
  • Catrina™
  • Panchinko
  • FU88
  • Don Bingote
  • 1524 Golden Quest

Video Bingo Glossary

Understanding the following video bingo terminology is a simple way to gain more understanding of the game as a Jackpot City player:

  • 75 Ball: Play bingo with 75 balls or use 75 potential numbers on cards featuring a 5x5 grid, commonly played in the USA.
  • 90 Ball: The prevalent bingo type in the UK, played with cards having 9 squares and a maximum of 5 numbers per row.
  • Bingo Ball: A numbered and lettered ball used in the bingo game's number selection process.
  • Bingo Board: An illuminated display board, often electronic, showcasing called numbers during a bingo game.
  • Bingo Machine: A selection device for bingo, housing unselected balls, a blower for selection, and a tray with 75 holes for called balls.
  • Blackout: Achieve bingo by covering the entire card; typically requires 50 to 60 numbers called but can happen as early as 43. Also known as "coverall."
  • Buy-In: Purchasing bingo cards or an admission packet.
  • Card: A 5x5 grid card with 24 numbered spaces and a free space; numbers arranged in columns B (1-15), I (16-30), N (31-45), G (46-60), and O (61-75). Thousands of unique disposable cards are available.
  • Free Space: The central square on a 75-ball bingo card, automatically filled at the game's start.
  • Hard-Way Bingo: Achieve bingo in a straight line without using the free space.
  • Pattern: The specified shape on your card covered by called numbers to win. Basic patterns include straight lines horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. "Blackout" or "coverall" requires covering the entire card.
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Online Pokies FAQs

How does video bingo work?

Video bingo seamlessly merges the traditional bingo game with the thrill of modern technology. You'll encounter a virtual bingo card, and as numbers are called, mark them off on your digital card. Your objective is to achieve specific patterns, unlocking various prizes and immersing yourself in the dynamic, digital world of bingo excitement.

What are the well-known bingo online phrases?

Bingo phrases, also known as calls or nicknames, inject tradition and humour into announcing numbers during a bingo game. These phrases, often rhyming or alliterative, add a playful and entertaining dimension to the game. Familiarise yourself with some popular bingo phrases like "Kelly's Eye" for Number 1, "One Little Duck" for Number 2, and more.

How to play video bingo online?

Kick off your online video bingo experience by registering or logging into your Jackpot City Casino account. Navigate to your preferred video bingo game, deposit funds, and select a bet that aligns with your budget. Maximise your enjoyment by playing with the maximum number of cards, enhancing your chances of winning in this dynamic online environment.

Do you win real money playing video bingo online?

Absolutely. Video bingo offers the exciting opportunity to win real money. Various online platforms reward cash prizes for achieving specific patterns on your bingo card. Enjoy the thrill of the game and the potential for exciting winnings – a winning combination for an entertaining experience.

What is the best online video bingo site?

The ideal online video bingo site varies for each player. At Jackpot City, we prioritise providing New Zealand players with a superior selection of top-rated video bingo games, complemented by exceptional service and world-class security. Explore popular games such as Bingote, 1524 Golden Quest, Immortal Romance™ Video Bingo, and more for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Does video bingo involve skill?

No, online video bingo is primarily a game of chance, relying on random number draws. While strategy can enhance your overall enjoyment, luck ultimately determines the outcome. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, video bingo caters to everyone, allowing you to dive into the excitement without any prerequisite skills.

Can I play video bingo from my smartphone?

Certainly! You can enjoy video bingo on your smartphone through various online platforms and mobile apps. These platforms offer a diverse range of bingo games, from traditional 75-ball and 90-ball bingo to themed and special variations, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable gaming experience on the go.