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Standard European Roulette Rules Apply.

Real™ Spooky Roulette at JackpotCity

Enter a world of spine-chilling excitement with Real™ Spooky Roulette! Experience the Halloween spirit as jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons adorn this themed European roulette game, setting a delightfully eerie atmosphere. Expect the unexpected with a thrilling twist on our popular Real Roulette game, designed to give a hair-raising casino experience like no other. With every spin, the anticipation rises as players encounter the spookiest elements of this haunted holiday. Don't miss out on the chance to revel in the scariest time of the year and enjoy the exhilaration of Real™ Spooky Roulette. Join us and let the themed Halloween casino games fun begin!

Game Rules & Strategy

This Halloween themed roulette game offers dynamic screen aspect ratio scaling that ensures it can be played on almost any device that has internet access. It has four very important features that will assist with a good understanding of the rules governing this European Roulette-style game and that will influence a player's online roulette strategy.

Racetrack Bets: Real™ Spooky Roulette Online introduces an exciting feature known as Racetrack Bets, which expands the betting options beyond the standard bet board. With the inclusion of a Racetrack board, players can place French bets such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. These unique betting options add a new level of strategy and excitement to the game, allowing players to explore different wagering combinations and increase their chances of winning.

Favourite Bets: Real™ Spooky Roulette offers a convenient feature called Favourite Bets, allowing players to save and easily access up to six preferred bet configurations. With just a simple touch of a button, players can instantly deploy their saved betting combinations, saving time and enhancing their overall gaming experience. This feature provides added convenience and flexibility, enabling players to quickly place their favourite bets without the need to manually set them up each time.

Special Bets: The Real™ Spooky Roulette Online Game offers an exciting feature known as Special Bets, which provides players with a selection of 10 popular preset bet configurations. These pre-designed bets include options such as Red/Black Splits, Orphelins, 007, Random 7, and more. By choosing one of these special bets, players can quickly and easily place complex wagers without the need to manually select individual numbers or groups. This feature adds convenience and diversity to the gameplay experience, allowing players to explore different betting strategies and increase their chances of winning.

Full Statistics: It offers a comprehensive set of statistics to enhance the gameplay experience. With three pages of detailed data based on the previous 100 spins, players will have access to valuable insights. The statistics cover a range of information, including hot and cold numbers, hit percentages for individual numbers, red and black numbers, odd and even numbers, halves and thirds, columns, and even the number zero. These statistics allow players to analyse trends and make informed betting decisions.

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How to Play Real™ Spooky Roulette

Real™ Spooky Roulette adheres strictly to the well-known European roulette rules, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all experience levels. 

Create an account: Sign up or login to an existing account and naviagte to the search bar to find Real™ Spooky Roulette.

Choose a target number: Select a specific number on the roulette wheel as a main focus, whether it's based on recent appearances or personal preference.

Place neighbour bets: Bet on the neighbouring numbers along with the target number. Typically, players bet on the two numbers on either side of the target number, covering a total of five numbers.

Determine bet amounts: Distribute a betting amount among the neighbour bets. Choose equal bets for each number or assign higher amounts to the target number while reducing the bet sizes for neighbouring numbers.

Observe the results: Watch the roulette wheel spin and see where the ball lands. If the ball lands on the target number or one of the neighbouring numbers bet on, the player receives a corresponding payout based on the specific bet type.

Players can choose from various betting options, including individual numbers, number groups, specific ranges, colours (red or black), and even/odd numbers. Additionally, the game offers special bets such as Red/Black Splits, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, 007, and Random 7, adding excitement and diversity to the gameplay. Explore these special bets and discover new ways to win in the Real™ Spooky Roulette Game

Betting Expert Techniques

Take advantage of the Halloween-themed atmosphere in Real™ Spooky Roulette to enhance betting techniques and strategy. Use the visual elements of jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons to create an advantage by incorporating them into a few betting patterns. For example, players could focus on numbers or bet types associated with the spooky theme, such as betting on numbers ending in '13' or placing bets on black and orange colours. By embracing the Halloween spirit and tailoring some of the bets accordingly, players can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to their gameplay in Real™ Spooky Roulette.

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Mobile Compatibility

Now is the time to be immersed in the world of Real™ Spooky Roulette Online on our mobile platform, a mobile device-focused betting platform that offers seamless compatibility for an exceptional gaming experience. Download our iOS app or Android APK to unlock lightning-fast interactions and instant in-game responses. Customise device layouts with Microgaming's left-hand mode for personalised comfort and effortless play. With our tailor-made mobile experience, players will enjoy their favourite roulette games, including other popular games such as Sapphire Roulette and Scarab Auto Roulette, on the go in the manner which they prefer.

Safety and Security When Playing Real™ Spooky Roulette

At JackpotCity, we prioritize trust, fairness, and privacy above all else. As a licensed online casino, we adhere to stringent regulations to ensure a safe and transparent gaming environment. With our advanced technology and random number generator, we guarantee fairness in every game, giving players peace of mind.

We take the privacy and security of our players seriously. All personal and gaming data is protected with robust SSL encryption, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and secure. Our trusted banking options offer secure transactions, providing peace of mind during deposits and withdrawals.

Responsible gaming is at the core of our values. We provide a range of tools and features, including wagering limits and self-exclusion options, to promote responsible gambling practices. We strive to create a supportive and responsible gaming environment where players can enjoy their favourite games, including Real™ Spooky Roulette, with peace of mind.


Real™ Spooky Roulette Game Guide

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