Three Wheel Roulette Guide

Game Features

Random 3, Opposite Bets.

Game Theme

Modern Casino.

Maximum Payout


Mobile Compatibility

Yes, play on the go!

Roulette Rules

Standard European Roulette rules.

Three Wheel Roulette at JackpotCity

Indulge in the captivating world of Three Wheel Roulette and engage in simultaneous betting on all three wheels, intensifying the excitement and multiplying your chances of winning! Experience an unforgettable JackpotCity mobile casino gaming experience that appeals to both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers.

Game Rules & Strategy

Three Wheel Roulette Online adheres to the familiar rules of European Roulette, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity for players while not confusing them with unnecessarily difficult Three Wheel Roulette Strategy additions.

  • Experience enhanced betting options in this thrilling game, allowing for strategic and varied wagering choices.
  • The potential for lucrative wins awaits, with the opportunity to score up to 193,500.00 in prizes.
  • With each bet placed, the excitement triples as it applies to all three wheels simultaneously, multiplying the anticipation and potential rewards.

Be sure to keep in mind these Three Wheel Roulette Rules whenever playing this exciting game.

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How to Play Three Wheel Roulette

To enjoy Three Wheel Roulette at JackpotCity Casino New Zealand, follow these 5 steps for an exciting gaming experience:

  1. Sign up: If you're a new player, create an account at JackpotCity and claim the new player bonus.
  2. Launch the game: After logging in, navigate to the games lobby and search for Three Wheel Roulette. Click on the game to launch it.
  3. Place the bets: Understand the betting options on the virtual roulette table. Choose from straight bets, split bets, or even-money bets. Click on the desired area to place your chips and select your bet.
  4. Start the game: Click the "Spin" button to begin the game. The three virtual roulette wheels will start spinning, and the game software will determine the winning numbers.
  5. Await the outcome: If any of the winning numbers match the bet placed, the player is a winner!

Remember, roulette is a game of chance, and while strategies can enhance gameplay and provide heightened levels of entertainment, there is no guaranteed way to predict the outcome. Play responsibly and enjoy the excitement of Three Wheel Roulette. Alternatively, if this is not a desired type of roulette game to play we can suggest trying Real Christmas Roulette or Sapphire Roulette. Both of these games offer a decidedly different look and feel to the gameplay, but both do still use European Roulette as the base game rule set.

Betting Expert Techniques

The Romanosky technique is a renowned strategy used by Roulette experts worldwide and is useful when playing European-style Roulette Games. It involves the strategic grouping of bets that cover a wide range of numbers in a consistent pattern. Each bet covers 32 numbers, leaving only 5 numbers on the outer edges. With 8 chips per bet and a potential return of 9 chips, this strategy offers favourable odds. By focusing on 2 “dozens” and two corners within the inner table, players cover a significant portion of numbers, increasing their chances of winning. The Romanosky system ensures the middle line is always covered, providing opportunities for profitable results in each spin.

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Mobile Compatibility

  • Unleash Unbounded Mobility: Play without limits or digital boundaries when enjoying our versatile mobile platform which seamlessly adapts to any device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Or even better, for an enhanced casino games experience, explore our bespoke iOS app or Android APK, built from the ground up to cater to individual mobile gaming preferences.
  • Blazing-Fast Gaming: Take advantage of responsive gameplay with our mobile interface. Every touch and swipe of a player's device yields an instant screen response, ensuring an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Online Safety and Security

JackpotCity is one of the top gaming destinations for reliable gaming in New Zealand! Our transparent operations ensure fairness thanks to some of the most advanced random number generator technology in the world. Player data is also protected at all times with SSL encryption, and along with this, we offer smooth banking options like Visa and Apple Pay. We prioritise responsible gaming, providing safe gambling features such as wagering limits and self-exclusion.


Three Wheel Roulette Game Guide

Each bet is tripled and applies to all wheels!

One of our top-rated games! We give it a hot 4,5 out of 5.