Introducing Vinnie Jones Roulette

It’s Jones… Vinnie Jones! This new and exciting roulette release is exclusive to JackpotCity for the time being and is sure to provide players with high entertainment value. The well-known celebrity, first made famous by his impressive skills on the football field and subsequently by his many roles on the silver screen, portrays an all-new character – your VIP dealer, with humour and aplomb. We take a look at this promising new release from Real Dealer studios.

This slick addition to online casino games available at JackpotCity, known for their wide variety of online slots and table games, is sure to excite Roulette and mobile roulette aficionados as well as new-comers to the game.The theme is a VIP experience, hosted by the one and only Vinnie Jones. Known for his footballing skills as well as many movie parts as a hard-as-nails tough guy, this title certainly promises a unique gaming experience!

We explore the gameplay basics and features below.

How it Works

The latest cinematic RNG technology has been used by the game providers to create a realistic virtual environment, with an immersive crystal-clear sound experience. Vinnie’s characteristic wit and tough-man persona comes through as he plays your very own VIP dealer. Real dealer style games are designed to give a realistic, human touch to the traditional RNG experience, and we found that this was definitely the case, especially in Live Roulette. It feels somewhat interactive as you make your bets and are met by Vinnie’s playful asides, and the crisp camera angles make it seem as though you are in your own private VIP room.

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Rules of the Game

The rules of Vinnie Jones Roulette are the same as general roulette. If you’re new to the game, we’ll break down the basics below. In French, Roulette translates to ‘’little wheel’’. The table consists of the wheel which has numbers 0-36 on it as well as a ball. Simply, the aim of the game is to predict where the ball will land after it is spun. If the ball lands where you have predicted it will, you’ll receive a prize. You can make any combination of bets on either individual numbers, or groups of numbers. You can also choose to bet on whether the numbers are odd or even, as well as the colour that the ball will land on. To start off, you will be able to select your bet size (the default chip size is 1) and then place your bets before the round commences. The ball is spun, and the action begins.

Amazing Features

Vinnie Jones Roulette brings 3 features to the table, which allow for more varied gameplay.

  • Racetrack Bets are provided on the Racetrack board and feature the ‘French bets’; Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins.
  • Special Bets comprise of pre-set configurations to choose from. These can also be customised and saved to your favourites.
  • Autoplay allows re-bets for up to 100 rounds.

The Game Providers

Real Dealer Studios, creators of online casino games such as Turbo Fortune, have developed this immersive and picture-perfect real dealer style game with the player in mind. Founded in 2019, they take a unique approach to production. This innovative game provider uses professional actors and well-known personalities along with film directors to produce a top-class and thrilling experience. We look forward to seeing more of what this creative studio has to offer in the future. Other studios have provided popular titles like Live Baccarat to bring a true casino feeling to your home

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JackpotCity and Responsible Gaming

JackpotCity supports Responsible Gaming as the wellbeing and safety of our customers is of great importance to us. Always play within your means, and as a form of entertainment only. The site offers a variety of Responsible Gaming tools such as deposit and loss limits, cooling-off periods and more. To access this, you can simply select the Responsible Gaming option either from ‘My Account’ or from the bottom of the site page.

A Word on the Casino

Players of this online casino in NZ and around the world can enjoy a vast selection of online roulette games at JackpotCity, in a safe and secure environment, with the added convenience of being able to play from the comfort of their own PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.