Themed Game Super Andar Bahar

Play India’s most popular, entertaining card game with a live dealer in New Zealand! Fast paced and very easy to play, Super Andar Bahar invites you to predict which of two sides (the “Andar” side or the “Bahar” side) a card will turn up on to match the value of the “Joker” card the dealer’s already dealt. To spice up the action, this engaging live dealer casino game comes with a menu of ten intriguing side bets featuring random multipliers that offer the chance to win up to 4,000x your bet!

Reasons to Play Super Andar Bahar

Here’s why it’s fun to play Super Andar Bahar in a live casino online:

  • It’s a fast-paced live casino version of a well-known, popular Indian card game,
  • It has an engaging live dealer.
  • It streams live from an opulent Indian-themed studio.
  • The main game is easy to play with only one betting decision.
  •  It has 10 side bets with random multipliers.
  • It has detailed statistics including a Big Road and Bead Road.
  • The minimum bet is a mere $0.20.
  • The maximum bet is $50.
  • It has a maximum potential payout of 4,000x your bet.
  • Super Andar Bahar is available on all mobile and desktop devices.
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Live Casino Game Features

Super Andar Bahar has a range of side bets and play-enhancing statistical features:


·       Side Bets: Choose from ten side bets ranging from “Cards 1 to 5”, “Cards 6 to 10” and “Cards 11 to 15” all the way to “Cards 46 to 49”. The side bet you choose predicts which section of the pack the card that matches the “Joker” will be dealt from. If you think that the matching card will be one of the first five cards dealt, choose the “Cards 1 to 5” side bet. If you think that the matching card is more likely to turn up at the end of the pack, choose “Cards 46 to 49”.  The more cards that have to be dealt to match the “Joker”, the bigger the side bet payouts become.

·       Side Bet Multipliers: Every game round, one to five multipliers are applied at random to the side bets, providing the chance to win up to 4,000x your stake for a successful side bet. Multiple side bets are possible for players who like to take strategic advantage of the odds.

·       Result Statistics: Use this feature on the user interface to see the overall percentage of wins for the Andar or Bahar side over the past 50 games.

·       Bead Road: Each cell of the Bead Show displays the result of a past game round, highlighting the latest result and displaying the oldest result in the top left corner. Blue cells represent Andar wins and orange cells represent Bahar wins. Traditionally players use this information to plot their strategy.

·       Big Road: This traditional statistical tool records the “winning streaks” of the Andar and Bahar sides, which players may use for strategic purposes.

·       Cards Dealt in the Road: This tool shows how many cards have been dealt in the current game round and tracks any multiplier wins.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

Bets and payouts in Super Andar Bahar are straightforward, as follows:


  • Andar pays out 0.9:1.
  • Bahar pays out 1:1.
  • Cards 1 to 5 pay out 2-9:1.
  • Cards 6 to 10 pay out 3-14:1.
  • Cards 11 to 15 pay out 4-19:1.
  • Cards 16 to 20 pay out 5-29:1.
  • Cards 21 to 25 pay out 8-39:1.
  • Cards 26 to 30 pay out 12-59:1.
  • Cards 31 to 35 pay out 20-99:1.
  • Cards 36 to 40 pay out 40-199:1.
  • Cards 41 to 45 pay out 110-499:1.
  • Cards 46 to 49 pay out 800-3999:1.
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How to play Super Andar Bahar

Released in April 2022, the Super Andar Bahar live dealer casino game is Evolution Gaming’s answer to the traditional Indian card game Andar Bahar. When you launch the game, you’re welcomed by a live dealer seated at a gaming table inside a luxurious Indian-themed studio. Game play commences when the dealer deals a first card, known as the “Joker”, from a single deck of 52 cards. Your challenge as the player is to predict which side of the table – Andar or Bahar – a card with the same value as the “Joker” will turn up on. (“Andar” is the Hindi word for “inside” and refers to the betting spot on the left side of the table, while “Bahar” means “outside” and refers to the right-hand betting spot.) Important: the suit of the card doesn’t matter, only the value! The dealer keeps dealing until a matching card is revealed. In addition to the main bet, you can also place one or more side bets that can have random multipliers attached. To speed the game up, you can also place bets before the “Joker” is dealt, even when the dealer is changing decks.

Overall, Super Andar Bahar is very easy to understand and play, but it’s also very compelling. The Bead Road, Big Road and Cards Dealt in the Road features allow you to track the patterns of play, which can help to inform your betting decisions. The odds of winning a side bet decrease the further down the pack you go.

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 Super Andar Bahar

Get in on the tradition of India’s popular card game, Super Andar Bahar, and enjoy a simple, fast-paced live dealer casino game with even-money bets in the main game and up to 10 bets on the side, with the fun of random side bet multipliers added to the mix!