Are Live Dealer Casinos Safe?

Live dealer games are very popular these days, thanks to the very immersive experiences that they deliver. You get to feel like you are sitting at a real-life casino table, while still getting all the advantages of playing online!

Of course, a major concern for all casino players is that they are not being cheated, and that the games they are enjoying are not rigged in any way. We understand why this is important, and want to reassure you that live dealer games from reputable casinos like ours are, indeed, perfectly safe in every way.

Live Games Can Be Rigged

It is possible, in theory, to rig live dealer games in much the same way that it is possible to rig land-based casino games. With conventional online games Random Number Generation is used to ensure complete safety and fairness, with no room for human error or sleight of hand. This is not the case in live dealer games, and as card games or Roulette tables can be rigged in brick-and-mortar establishments, so too can they be rigged in live dealer casino games.

The simplest way for this to happen is with online games of Blackjack. Since most live dealer games use 6 or 8 decks in a shoe and do not get more than halfway through them, it would be difficult for the majority of players to see if the results of the games were being fixed. And even for experienced players, they would need to see thousands and thousands of games before being able to feel certain about this.

Using a stacked shoe, slipping cards out and weighting Roulette wheels is also possible in theory, but it simply doesn’t happen with reputable live dealer casinos. So why is that?

Rigged Games Can be Detected

With all the camera angles on live dealer games, it is possible to discover rigging eventually. This was seen most recently with a Baccarat dealer who swapped out the next card that was supposed to be dealt. And if this happens, the fallout for a major casino is simply not worth it.

A rigging scandal would destroy the reputation of any online casino, no matter how many years of sterling performance it had to its name. It would take years to build this back up, if it was ever possible at all, and the loss of future revenue is so much greater than anything that could be gained from cheating players in the short term. And, of course, if a regulated online casino was found to be doing this, they could be sued and ordered to pay fines, resulting in massive financial losses.

Casinos Have a Natural House Advantage

Every casino game has an edge for the house, to a greater or lesser degree. Most players will make mistakes, at least occasionally, so nobody will play perfect games consistently. With enough time, the house will turn a profit and by keeping their games clean, they’ll retain customer loyalty too. Rigging live dealer games at online casinos simply does not make good business sense.

Licenses and Regulations Protect You

As long as you stick with online casino that are licensed and regulated by trusted authorities, you can be sure you are safe when you play their live dealer games. Not only are the standards monitored, with strong repercussions if any rigging is uncovered, but you will have legal recourse if you are scammed in any way.

The same SSL encryption technology is applied to all transactions for live dealer games as for all other games, so your personal information and finances are also perfectly secure. There’s no reason for you not to enjoy the great action of these games!

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