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Play Real™ Baccarat with Sarati

Real Dealer Studios is offering Real™ Baccarat with Sarati, an exciting new baccarat game with a virtual dealer. The charming Sarati offers a unique version of online baccarat to New Zealand players. You can play this game and more online casino games on the JackpotCity website or mobile app.

Game Rules & Strategy

  • Real™ Baccarat with Sarati follows traditional Baccarat Punto Banco rules. The game requires you to bet on which side will have the higher score at the end of a round. This game uses an eight-deck shoe, and the cards are shuffled after 260 of them are dealt.
  • The game’s design makes it where the banker has a greater chance of winning, which is why the dealer takes a 5% commission on all banker wins. The game’s menu will list all the rules on when the player or banker will take a third card after the original two cards on each side are dealt.
  • You can also bet on the game to end in a tie. This event is less likely to happen, but an 8:1 payout does apply for this result. You can also place a side bet on either side to get a pair. You’ll receive an 11:1 payout if you are correct, but you must also pick the exact side that will receive the bet.
  • The game lets you work with various strategies, but it helps to see how well the game is running based on who has the best streak going. Betting on the banker at the start helps, as the banker is more likely to win. But you can also review trends on how the game is going to see whether the banker or player has the momentum. Since the cards don’t reshuffle after a while, it’s often easy to make a prediction on what might happen next.
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How to Play Real™ Baccarat with Sarati

You will find Real™ Baccarat with Sarati and other baccarat online games on the JackpotCity website. Here are some steps for how to play this game:

  1. After logging in to your JackpotCity account, navigate to the search bar in the games lobby and search for Real™ Baccarat with Sarati.
  2. You can then select what chips you want to use for betting. The game supports minimum bets of 1.00.
  3. You can then click to deal the cards. Sarati will start dealing the cards to the player and banker sides.
  4. Be sure to review the baccarat rules of the game. The game menu includes details on the rules for when the player or banker will hit after the second card.
  5. The game pays out if you pick the right side to win.
  6. You can also check the road maps on the screen to see how well the game is moving.
  7. The game also lets you clear your bets or repeat them for the next round.

Betting Expert Techniques

Some of the best online baccarat strategy points entail working with different road maps. You can use the road maps featured in Real™ Baccarat with Sarati to see what the current baccarat house edge appears to be. This game includes all the traditional roadmaps, including Big Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. You can review trends on both who is winning and how they are winning.

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Mobile Compatibility

You’ll find it easy to figure out an online baccarat strategy when you play Real™ Baccarat with Sarati. But it’s also easy to play this and other video baccarat games like Real™ Baccarat with Courtney while on the go through the JackpotCity mobile app.

The JackpotCity app allows you to load this game and other baccarat tables in moments. The app supports the full video and audio capabilities this game offers, so you’ll see Sarati interacting with you quite well. Our app is open for use on both iOS and Android devices. You can download the iOS app on the Apple App Store, while the Android APK is available on our website.

Safety and Security

The work we provide at JackpotCity is all about ensuring our players in New Zealand can have fun without worrying about their safety. We have an operating license, so we are subject to various rules for safety and game fairness. We also utilize SSL encryption to protect our client data and transactions. Identity verification is also required in many situations.

We accept various payment methods at JackpotCity, including Apple Pay, Visa, and MasterCard.  Our site also provides various safety measures to protect all our players. We offer self-exclusion services for players who may require help, plus we provide cooling-off periods and wagering limits for accounts that require control.


Real™ Baccarat with Sarati​ Game Guide

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