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Player Controlled Card Squeeze, Advanced Road Statistics, Turbo Mode.

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Modern Casino

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Played with 8 decks of cards.

Switch Baccarat at JackpotCity

Play a classic casino game of baccarat in the form of Switch Baccarat. The game features a traditional baccarat layout, plus you can use the scorecard to review how well the game is running and see if there are any trends in play. You’ll find this game and many other classic casino games to play at JackpotCity.

Game Rules & Strategy

Switch Baccarat uses a traditional layout where you’ll bet on whether the player or banker will have the higher total at the end of the game. Both sides provided a 1:1 payout, but the banker bet will have a 5% commission taken out of your winnings.The game’s interface features a listing of when the player or banker will take a third card. There are a few rules surrounding when someone takes a third card:

  • The player takes a third card if the first two total 5 or lower.
  • The banker takes a third card if the player stands, and the banker’s total is 5 or lower.
  • Both hands will stand if either side has an 8 or 9.
  • All 10-value cards have a 0 value.
  • For cases where the player gets a third card, the banker will only take a third card if the rules allow. A banker will take a hit in more situations if the banker’s score is low enough.
  • You can also place a bet at 8:1 for the two sides to tie. There’s also a side bet where you can pick either the player or banker to get a pair on the first two cards. The game pays 11:1 if you can correctly pick which side gets that pair.
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How to Play Switch Baccarat

Here are some steps for how to play Switch Baccarat:

  1. Navigate to the game lobby section on the JackpotCity website or app after logging into your account, and search for the Switch Baccarat game.
  2. Place your wagers on the table. The game has a minimum bet of 5.00 and a maximum of 500.00.
  3. Click the deal button to start the game.
  4. Watch as the cards appear. Take note of whether either side gets a natural.
  5. You will be paid out if you pick the winning side.
  6. The game then lets you clear or repeat your bets for the next game. You can also check the scorecard to see what trends are present on your table.

Betting Expert Techniques

One of the best strategies for playing online baccarat in New Zealand is to stick with the banker at the start, eventually moving to the player if the player starts to get a substantial streak. The scorecard on Switch Baccarat can help you see what trends are present. The scorecard also shows when one side gets a natural, which is when the first two cards total an 8 or 9.

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Mobile Compatibility

You’ll find Switch Baccarat and more baccarat casino games on the JackpotCity website and app. This app is available for Android and iOS devices and provides a simple interface with enough room to distinguish between chips to place and what spots on the table you’ll place your chips on. You can start playing by downloading the iOS app from the Apple App Store or downloading the Android APK from our website. You can use either of these apps to start playing Switch Baccarat and all the other baccarat tables, including Real Baccarat with Courtney.

Safety and Security

Your security and protection are critical to us at JackpotCity. We use SSL encryption to protect all customer data and safeguard all transactions. We only use secure payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay.

Our responsible gaming services also ensure each player here remains protected and safe. We can conduct responsible gaming tests for our clients and also provide self-exclusion services when necessary. Cooling-off periods and wagering limits are also available for people who require further help.


Switch Baccarat​ Game Guide

Scorecard – What are the latest trends?

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