Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Game Guide

Bet Features

Double Down, Split Hands, Insurance.

Mobile Compatibility

Yes, play blackjack on the go!

Number of Decks

This game plays with eight card decks.

Double Down

Double down on a 9, 10, or 11.

Split hands

You can play with two hands at once.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at Jackpot City

Blackjack is one of the top casino games at any gaming hall, and JackpotCity is no different. You’ll find many blackjack versions at JackpotCity New Zealand, and one option you can explore is Atlantic City Blackjack Gold. This version of blackjack features a format similar to what you’d find at a casino in Atlantic City. You can try this game and many other casino games at JackpotCity.

Game Rules & Strategy

The goal of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is to have a high-value hand without going over 21. Your hand must be worth more than the dealer’s hand. You can also win if you are under 21 and the dealer busts by going over 21. The Atlantic City Blackjack rules also state that you can get up to eleven cards in a hand.

  • Basic Variations: The dealer will peek at one’s second card after receiving a 10-value card or ace. The dealer also stands on all 17s, including hard and soft ones. The game also allows the player and dealer to draw up to nine additional cards to produce a hand with eleven cards, and the hand will stand if it does not reach 21 after all those cards.
  • Number of Decks: This game plays with eight card decks.
  • When to Hit or Stand: Since the dealer stands on all 17s, you’ll have more freedom to figure out when you should hit or stand. Your best bet is to hit when the dealer’s card is a 7 or higher or if you have anything under 12. You can stand at 12 or higher if the dealer’s card is low-value.
  • When to Double: The game lets you double down on any two cards, plus you can double down on two cards you receive following a split. Doubling down is more effective when you have a 9, 10, or 11, or your dealer has a 5 or 6 and you have a soft hand.
  • Hard Totals: Stand when the dealer has a 6 or under, as the dealer is more likely to bust. You can double down if you have a hard 9, 10, or 11.
  • Soft Totals: You can double down if the dealer has a 5 or 6 but stand if your hand totals 18 or higher.
  • When to Surrender: This game lets you surrender after the dealer checks one’s cards and doesn’t have a blackjack. But you can only surrender after your first two cards are dealt. The best time to surrender is if you have a hard 15 or 16 and the dealer has a 10-value card or ace.
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How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

You will find Atlantic City Blackjack Gold alongside all the other blackjack games JackpotCity offers, including Multi Hand Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. Here are a few steps for how to play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold:

  1. Head to the Blackjack section of the JackpotCity website after you log into your account.
  2. Select the chip size you want to play with, and then tap the betting area to add the chip there. You can add as many chips as you wish.
  3. You can then click the deal button when ready to play.
  4. The proper buttons for hitting, standing, splitting, and doubling down will appear as necessary. The game will also have a prompt for insurance if the dealer has an ace or 10-value card.
  5. In cases where your split your cards, the cards will appear in multiple hands on the table. You’ll play each hand separately from one another, moving to the next after one is complete.
  6. The game will give you the option to repeat your bet or clear your bet after the hand ends.

Betting Expert Techniques

  • Splitting: Splitting is a blackjack basic strategy move that can work if you have two cards of the same denomination at the start. You can split up to three times in a game, plus you can double down on a split hand. But if you split aces, the hands that result from the split will automatically stand. Splitting is recommended if the dealer has a 6 or lower or if you have a pair of 7s, 8s, or 9s.
  • Insurance: Insurance is an optional betting choice for when the dealer might have a blackjack. This wager costs half your original bet and plays separately from that bet. This move may be interesting to some players, but the odds of the dealer getting a blackjack aren’t as strong as the odds of the player getting a lower-valued card. This option is interesting, but avoiding insurance in most situations is one of the better Atlantic City blackjack tips to follow.
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Mobile Compatibility

You can start playing Atlantic City Blackjack Gold and other blackjack games like Multi Hand European Blackjack on the JackpotCity app. Our app is available on iOS devices through the Apple App Store, and you can download the Android APK for Android devices on our website.

The JackpotCity app provides a simple approach that helps you play with ease. You can use this app in both portrait and landscape mode, and the game will provide a quality display no matter what method you use.

Safety and Security

You can be assured of your safety when playing at JackpotCity. We use SSL encryption for all transactions to protect customer data, plus we require identity verification documents at various points to ensure only the right people are accessing an account. We also accept safe payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay.

JackpotCity holds a license for operation. We are required by law to provide a secure gaming environment while using regular measures and routines to ensure the fairness and accuracy of all games. Our team also provides various responsible gaming services. These solutions include cooling-off periods and wagering limits. We also provide responsible gaming tests and self-exclusion services to those who require further support.


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