Turbo Auto Roulette Guide

Game Features

Racetrack Bets, Special Bets, Autoplay.

Game Theme

Neon-filled, Sci-fi.

Maximum Payout


Mobile Compatibility

Yes, play on the go!


Play with up to 100 spins in a row.

Turbo Auto Roulette at JackpotCity

The fast-paced design of Turbo Auto Roulette makes it one of the most noteworthy online roulette games you can play. This game features a futuristic neon-lined look that shows how fast the game can go. You can use the Autoplay feature on this game to complete ten or more consecutive spins with your bets, giving you more action in less time. You can try this game on the JackpotCity mobile website as well as on our casino app!

Game Rules & Strategy

  • Turbo Auto Roulette uses a European roulette wheel, meaning it features one green 0 number. All 37 slots on the wheel appear as usual, allowing you to place different French roulette bets based on different parts of the wheel.
  • The game features eight different ways for you to win. The most valuable is the straight-up bet with a 35:1 payout. This wager is for when you place a single bet on a number.
  • You can also place a bet on two numbers in a split, three numbers on a street, four on a square, or six on a line. There are also column and dozen bets that cover twelve numbers each and even-money wagers based on the number’s value, colour, and whether it’s an odd or even number.
  • The most noteworthy part of playing Turbo Auto Roulette online entails the game’s Autoplay feature. You can set your wagers and then click the Autoplay button to set up a consecutive number of spins where you’ll play the same numbers. You can select to play those numbers for 10, 25, 50, or 100 rounds. The game will list how much you’re wagering on those spins before the series starts.
  • You can also choose from many strategies when playing this game. Your Turbo Auto Roulette strategy can include a snake bet that covers twelve numbers all around the board, or it can be a Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, or Orphelins wager that covers numbers based on where they appear on the wheel. The Racetrack and Special Bets menus will help you see what strategies are available for you to use when picking your numbers.
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How to Play Turbo Auto Roulette

You will find the Turbo Auto Roulette game on the JackpotCity website or app by going to the roulette section after you log into your account. The game can be found along with other prominent roulette tables at JackpotCity, such as Multifire Auto Roulette.

Here are some steps for playing Turbo Auto Roulette online:

  1. Select the chip you want to use when playing the game. The game supports chips as low as 0.25. The minimum bet is 0.25, and the maximum is 125.
  2. Place your chips on the spots on the table where you want to place your wagers.
  3. Click on the Special Bets or Racetrack Bets sections to see what unique wagering options are available. You can go with these choices if you want, but they will require multiple chips on the table.
  4. You can either click the spin button to play or use the Autoplay feature to select how many consecutive spins you want to use. Be sure you review how much you’ll wager on ten or more straight spins before starting.
  5. The game will pay out after each spin if you have a winning pick.
  6. You can choose to stop the Autoplay feature at any time. Tap the stop button to get out of this mode.
  7. The game also lets you clear your bets or repeat them after each spin ends.

Betting Expert Techniques

All players on Turbo Auto Roulette should know what to expect when getting a strategy ready. Your online roulette strategy for this game can consider how you can play with the same numbers on ten or more consecutive spins.

  • A good example is to consider picking one straight-up number and playing with multiple spins in a row. You can go for 25 straight spins to see if your number will appear at least once during that session.
  • You can also go for low-value chips on the table and use them on ten or more consecutive spins. Instead of putting down a 1.00 chip on one number, you can place four 0.25 chips on four different numbers. This feature gives you an increased chance of winning during a marathon session.
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Mobile Compatibility

You can figure out which online roulette betting tips you want to use while on the go through the JackpotCity app. This app supports Turbo Auto Roulette, as the game features full-video scenes you can view from portrait orientation on your iOS or Android device.

You’ll find the JackpotCity app for iOS devices at the Apple App Store, while the Android APK is available to download and install through the JackpotCity website. The app cpntains Turbo Auto Roulette and other popular casino games like Gridiron Roulette.

Safety and Security

We care about your safety at JackpotCity, as we provide various measures to ensure our players are in good hands. We regularly audit and review our games to ensure that they remain fair. We also use SSL encryption to protect all transactions, plus we require identity verification documents for financial dealings here.

Our website also supports secure payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay. Our identity verification system also reviews proof of identity and address documents our users submit to confirm they are who they claim to be, ensuring everyone remains safe here.

Our responsible gaming services also ensure our players will be safe when playing. We provide cooling-off periods and wagering limits on accounts, plus we can conduct responsible gaming tests for players who may require help. Self-exclusion services are also available as necessary.


Turbo Auto Roulette Game Guide

A turbo classic!

One of our most popular games, we give it a booming 4.5 out of 5.